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Runes – Rune Readings with Sarah and how they can help you


Rune Readings are appropriate for working with present time issues and future goals.

Like many divination tools, Runes can help us to delve deep into our inner world, teaching us more about our energy and inner motivations.

We can also discover influences using Rune throws that may not be clear to us in everyday life.

Some examples of how Rune Readings can help you

Here are some situations where a Rune Reading may help you.

  1. You want to choose a direction to go forward.  This could be to do with relationships, abundance, health, buying a house.  You can ask direct questions and receive an answer from a series of three Rune throws and single Rune selections.
  2. You want to connect with a Loved One who has passed.  Like many divination tools, the Runes can connect you with the energy of a Loved One if it’s appropriate for you to do so.  A name, circumstance or situation may be read from the Runes that relate to the Loved One’s energy, then mediumship work can proceed.
  3. You want to do some deep spiritual work on your Inner Self.  Runes are great reflectors of energy, showing you the way with powerful symbols and connection to ancient powers.  Sarah can help you to interpret the symbolism of the Runes, and even enable you to have a guided meditation or journey with the Runes selected, if appropriate.
  4. Connect with the Realm of Ideas (4th dimension), for Goal Setting.  Perhaps you have projects you wish to get off the ground, or new things happening in your life.  A deeper look into future possibilities and probabilities can be very helpful with a 3 row Rune reading.
  5. Create an energetic clearing or circle of protection with a Helm (special Rune combination).  Perhaps you’d like to clear a circumstance or situation out of your life where others are affecting your chi, or mojo?  Runes can help with that.

What are Runes?

The Runes, or Elder Futhark Runes, were one of the earliest forms of writing in North Eastern Europe.

Runes have been in use as back as far as approximately AD 400.

Their ancient wisdom as magical creations and sacred symbolism still influence us right up to the modern day.

We learned to ‘spell’ with Runes, and many of the Runes were created to reflect the power of the Ancient Norse Gods.

In fact, many of the letters on this page originated from Runes!  (See the picture at the top).

How does a Rune Reading Work?

Depending on the type of reading you choose, Sarah will prepare the Runes and ask you to choose a certain number of Runes between 1 and 24.

She will then gather your chosen Runes, and throw them for you.  (This is for a remote Rune Reading – if you are working face to face with her, then you will do the picking and throwing).

After this, the Runes will be read and you can take notes or record the Rune Reading as you wish.


Example of a three Rune throw

Depending on the Runes selected, and the angle or direction of the Rune, the meaning and context could be very different.

Think of Runes as creating energetic language.

Which Rune Reading will I need?

A half-hour reading would be a good start for points 1 or 2 above (choosing a direction to go forward, or connecting with a Loved One).

For points 3-5 (Spiritual work, Goal Setting, or Clearing), then a 1-hour reading would be more appropriate.

Interested in a Rune Reading?

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Entering the mystery of the Runes at Glastonbury Tor

I enjoy traveling to power spots and feeling the unusual energy of the location. On a recent trip to the UK (my homeland), I visited Stonehenge, Avebury, and Glastonbury, known for it’s Tor and the Arthurian legends arising from its’ history.

I hope you enjoy this tour of a power spot. I’d highly recommend a visit to Glastonbury if you get the opportunity.

While in Stonehenge I found a book by Jeremy White called ‘Raising the Runes’. The next day I realized Jeremy was giving myself and my friend our tour of Glastonbury!

Jeremy is a Shaman who’s mission is to teach us how to use the Runes for meditation and divination, and that the ancient Elder Futhark Runes are still relevant in modern life.


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