Kryon Oracle Cards Lee Carroll 44 Card Deck

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Kryon Oracle Cards Lee Carroll 44 Card Deck

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Kryon Oracle Cards – the updated deck!

Here’s a review of Lee Carroll’s new and updated 44 Card deck of Kryon Oracle Cards.

You may know about Lee Carroll and Kryon.  I regularly go on retreats to enjoy the energy of the Kryon channels.

Working with Lee Carroll, I also discovered the EMF Balancing Technique®, which Lee endorses.  EMF Balancing is a powerful energy balancing technique now available in over 70 countries worldwide.

What is Kryon and who is Lee Carroll?

Lee Carroll was originally a sound engineer, who through synchronicity found himself channeling messages of peace and love for the world.

Lee was not at all interested in spiritual practice, but the energy that he now channels was both insistent and persistent, so he finally gave in and began to do the work.

If you decide to go and see Lee speak, one of the funniest things he does is to explain how he ended up channeling, and how hard he resisted the process.

Lee has channeled at the United Nations several times and currently leads meditation and channeling groups all over the world to help spread Kryon’s peaceful and inclusive spiritual messages.

Lee describes Kryon as an energy that is part of Archangel Michael.

Here’s a review I wrote about Kryon Summerlight a few years ago.

kryon oracle cardsThis summer, I went on a 4-day meditation and channeling retreat in the beautiful Mount Shasta region of northern California.

Lee is a prolific author and has over 30 channeled Kryon books published, available in many languages all over the world.

You may know him as the author of The Indigo Children.

He has also written a beautiful book based on the work of Kryon called The Journey Home.  I’d highly recommend it.

The Kryon Oracle Card Deck

The new Kryon Oracle cards have recently come out, and as such are not yet available on Amazon.

Card 1 – Wait for Synchronicity

Kryon Oracle Cards

I did a 3-card pull, setting the intention to learn more about how my next (single mom) stage of life is going to work out, along with a house move I am working on in the near future!

The first card I pulled was ‘Wait for Synchronicity’.

Each card comes with a Kryon Quote in the accompanying book.

This card’s quote is

“Kryon, what is the timing of my situation?”  The answer to this question is always the same.  Be patient, while synchronicity unfolds.  KRYON

There is more information about synchronicity in the card description.  I have always liked Kryon’s view of synchronicity – that it is like a train ticket we already have printed and in our hands.  We just need to wait for the train!


Card 2 – Akashic Lineage

kryon oracle cards

The artwork on the Cards by Deborah de Lisi and Andre Ferella

This beautiful card – Akashic Lineage – has so far appeared in every single card pull I have done for myself with this deck.

It even fell out of the cards when I first unpacked the box!  It’s always good to pay attention to ‘falling’ cards when working with Oracle Card Decks.

I’m an Akashic Records Reader, so this card is very appropriate for me.

Many of us are having an Akashic Awakening, so you may find this card interesting too!

The Kryon quote for this card is

God is bigger than anything you’ve been told, dear ones.  As you start to perceive the wonder of the Creator, I want you to remember where it came from, for your Akashic Lineage is God.  Ponder it.  It’s about time you picked yourself up, stood tall, and claimed this lineage.  KRYON

Card 3 – Increasing Your Light

kryon oracle cardsThis card really resonates with the work I am now bringing through for clients.

I have recently invested in some more study which has increased both the accuracy and depth of my readings.

The energy brought through during readings is stronger for clients, too!

The Kryon Quote for this card is

The brighter your light, the less darkness can be around.  Oh Kryon, I love that!  How can I make my light brighter?  That’s easy!  By not fearing the dark!

The teaching with this card is that we are our own ‘light machines’.  We can create more light by making choices that are aligned with joy and compassion.

Equally, we can ‘order up’ the absence of light (which is the definition of darkness).  We do this by doubting and expecting negative things.

Kryon Oracle Cards – and other resources

These Kryon Oracle Cards are indeed a wonderful meditative resource.

Feel free to ask for one or more of these cards to be pulled for you when you have a reading with me.

Below are some other resources created by Lee Carroll, Kryon, and Monika Muranyi.


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  Download the free brochure here listing all 12 readings that she offers.



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