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The Power of Surrender Oracle Cards by Judith Orloff MD

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The Power of Surrender Oracle Cards by Judith Orloff MD

power of surrender

power of surrender

The Power of Surrender

Today I did a card pull from Judith Orloff’s oracle card deck, The Power of Surrender Cards: A 52-Card Deck to Transform Your Life by Letting Go.

As I was shuffling two cards fell out, so I pulled them. Then a third card poked its’ head out, so I pulled that one too.

The first card (pic) really made me kind of mad. I consider myself to be an agreeable type of person with not too many fixed views.

Apparently not — according to the Power of Surrender cards!

When a card pull annoys you…

When a card pull annoys you, it’s probably time to perk up your ears and pay attention. Often we focus on cards that make us feel lovely or uplifted in some way, that completely resonate.

surrenderSometimes, though, the most important card is the one that pisses us off, annoys us or challenges us.

Since my question for the card pull was ‘How can I heal a relationship by surrendering to the consequences?‘ It is well worth me paying attention to the other two cards.

In the context of my question, I believe they fit perfectly.

The second card, ‘Surrender to Obsessive Thinking‘ fits perfectly also into the realm of relationships. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to make a relationship work, to make it fit our picture when in truth there is no way anyone can do that in reality.

The third card, ‘Surrender to your Soul’s Path‘ is also a great Higher Level or Soul Truth reminder that any of our life’s situations or circumstances are here with us in the great Life School. As tough as a situation or issue may be, it is here to help us learn something, even if we have to repeat that lesson a few times or more.

The Power of Surrender

This card deck is designed to enable you to surrender, so it is suggested in the short accompanying booklet that you frame your questions accordingly.

Here are three suggested questions from the booklet to give you some ideas.

What habits can I surrender in order to be healthier?

What emotional block can I surrender to find a soul mate?

How can I surrender more to my sensuality or spirituality?

Also, 3 great questions to pose in an intuitive reading, such as an Akashic Records Reading.

Judith Orloff is an MD and intuitive sensitive. You can buy the The Power of Surrender Cards: A 52-Card Deck to Transform Your Life by Letting Go here.

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