Balance your Ear Chakras

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Balance your Ear Chakras

Here is the Balance Your Ear Chakras Exercise.  You can print out or download this PDF and keep it for future use (see the button below).

Do your ears ring loudly sometimes for no apparent reason?

It can be a relief to discover that you can manage the side effects of energetic downloads by working with your ear chakras.  The high-pitched noises and sense of pressure as new spiritual information comes in can be very uncomfortable.

This energy exercise will help you balance your ear chakras.  You will be able to get much more comfortable with energetic shifts as they happen.

Downloads can start spontaneously and may result in ear-ringing

Once, when shopping in the Target Store (well, I am a mom), my ears began to ring.  As I walked past two female employees stacking shelves, I heard one say to the other “That’s weird, my ears just started ringing!”.  Apparently, this phenomenon can be catching.

We can balance our ear chakras easily using this exercise.   Sometimes, we can release uncomfortable physical symptoms also.

Chakra Balancing through the Akashic Records

It’s now only our ear chakras that may get overactive or be underactive at times.  We can learn to rebalance our chi flow by taking specific actions.  This Balance Your Ear Chakras exercise is just one example.

Many people in the West are now awakening to the benefit of working with chi or body energy.  They may even have chakra balancing sessions or chakra readings to help.

We can focus on our chi through 7 main body locations where there are nerve bundles.

In the practice of kundalini yoga, for example, there are specific exercises where we can focus on activating chakra energy.

Different body postures, breathing exercises, and chanting can activate the chakras via the spinal column and nervous system.

Balance your Chakras through the Akashic Records – without yoga!

You may already know a lot about chakras, here’s a reminder for information.

Note the diagram showing the 7 in-body chakras.  By diagram color and from top to bottom, they are

chakra readings

  • Lavender - Crown Chakra
  • Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
  • Light Blue - Throat Chakra
  • Green - Heart Chakra
  • Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Orange - Sacral/Creative Chakra
  • Red - Root Chakra

Two more chakras to learn about, whilst discussing your Ear Chakras

There are two more major chakras that are located outside of the body.

The Alpha Chakra, or Soul Star Chakra, is located about 12 inches above the head.  The Omega Chakra, or Earth Star Chakra, is located 12 inches below the feet.

The Soul Star Chakra above the head is the chakra I connect to energetically in a client's energy system to give the Soul Star Reading or the Soul Purpose Reading.

I hope you enjoy your Balance Your Ear Chakras Energy Exercise and I wish you balanced chakras.


Ear Chakra Exercise Download


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