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Develop your intuition Coaching Session

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Develop your Intuition and discover your personal Superpower

Have you ever wanted to develop your intuition?

What if creating a strong connection to your intuition will help you to cope better with life and help you to manifest abundance?

Intuition may be interesting to you as a curiosity item or for entertainment, yet it can be so much more than that for many people.

Some of the most powerful and effective business leaders and educators work with their intuition.  Some of them are very open about how they use their intuition to succeed in business.

Sarah can help you to grow your intuition with this coaching session, which is a unique 2-step process.

  1. First of all, discover how you learn (your primary learning intelligence).
  2. Second, match that neurological intelligence with your ‘clair’, or intuitive intelligence, and learn to work with it!  (An example of a clair is clairvoyance – which is clear seeing involving the third eye chakra).

Develop your Intuition – Step 1 – discover your most powerful personal learning intelligence

Professionals in many fields also swear by the knowledge and skill that knowing about the theory of the 8/9 intelligences can give them.

Now it’s your turn!

Knowing your personal intelligence will help you to learn better AND develop your intuition

There were originally 8 intelligences (according to Howard Gardner’s theory of 8 intelligences).  Now there are 9, and intuitive practitioners realize that we are also developing more ‘clairs’.

Discovering our most powerful or favorite intelligence can help us to learn and retain information.  This can be extremely useful when we have to make decisions under stress or deal with difficult situations.

Imagine you are a student studying to improve your prospects or needing to learn something new at work.  Knowing how you function at your best as a learner can only be helpful to you.

So going through this simple 2-step process will enable you to understand your own personal learning process better.

As I have worked with clients over the years, giving Akashic Records Readings, (since 2010), I have realized that learning intelligence and intuitive intelligence are connected! I call this my 'theory of spiritual intelligence'.Click To Tweet

How to discover my own personal intelligence, and match with my intuitive superpower?

In her previous life as a Training Director, Sarah regularly took clients through a process where, with a simple exercise, they discovered their own personal favorite learning intelligence from the above 8/9 intelligences.

It’s easy to go through this self-reflection process and discover your favorite learning intelligence with Sarah.

You simply read a sheet of information which Sarah sends you.  After that, you complete a chart and color it in!

Once you send the chart back to Sarah and book a 1-hour session via the client portal, you can call her on  at your appointment time on 1-316 247 4144, or connect via Skype at ‘newworldenergetics’.

Working with your Akashic Records Guides, Sarh can then help you to connect your favorite intelligence with how you function best using your intuition.

It’s your own personal superpower!

At the end of this coaching session, you will have an action plan to help develop your intuition and know your strongest intuitive intelligence

You will also end up with a list of insights and actions which will provide you with a clear action plan on how to develop your intuitive gifts.

If you think you’re ready to learn how to discover your strongest learning intelligence and intuitive superpowers you can book below at the client portal.

Once you’ve done that, you can start messaging Sarah and she’ll get the process started!

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