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Psychic Intuitive – our Inner Guidance and how to reach it! One of the inspirations for this blog is this […]
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Intuitive CoachingPsychic Intuitive – our Inner Guidance and how to reach it!

One of the inspirations for this blog is this quote from the great Ralph Waldo Emerson  –

“Every known fact in natural science was divined by the presentiment of somebody, before it was actually verified.”

I love this quote particularly because I believe it truly honors our human condition as well as our human potential.

How can we learn to understand and correctly interpret our own ‘presentiments’ and have them be relevant and useful in our lives?

Psychic intuitives seem to know how to do this very well

We all have natural intuition and all express it very differently – and some of us are psychic intuitives

I believe that we all have our own natural intuition, divined by our presentiment (the Free Online Dictionary defines presentiment as “a sense that something is about to occur – a premonition“).

Learning to understand your intuitive guidance more fully can take some practice in my experience – just like our fingerprints, our own individual intuitive process is as different from the next person as chalk and cheese (as they say in Yorkshire, UK, aye).

Even as a child, I often ‘knew’ things about people that others either didn’t seem to notice or be aware of.  Initially I thought that everyone noticed these things because as a child often we believe that everyone is the same as us in every way, shape and form!

Once I started growing older I began to realize that not everyone perceived the world around them the same way that I did and found myself on the Spiritual Journey of learning about my own talents and abilities – discovering along the way that I am a psychic intuitive.

So if we’re all so different, how to validate your gut instinct, visions, intuitive ‘hits’ or ‘clair’-guidance?

After having several different and very strong psychic intuitive experiences over time and two or three separate psychic practitioners telling me that I had some gifts in this area, I consciously started to develop my abilities.

Having attended many spiritual workshops over an intensive period I call my ‘T-shirt spirituality period’ (being spiritual on the weekends only!) life found me several teachers, many books to read – my SBH began (Spiritual Book Habit).  And a total of 16 years later here I am still moving forward on my Spiritual Journey, developing as a psychic intuitive.

One of the first popular psychics I started reading about was the venerable Sylvia Browne in the US.  Her abilities to read people’s energy extremely accurately for medical issues and also to predict future events fascinated me.

What I noticed about her work specifically was that she validated everything she could about a reading so that people got the most helpful readings possible.

So according to her advice, in order to validate my psychic intuitive work I started to –

 Are you interested in developing your intuition?

As part of my online practice I offer Intuitive Coaching Sessions to help people along the same path I am walking.  Becoming more connected with your intuitive abilities is an empowering and freeing process!

These sessions are appropriate for you either if you are only just discovering your budding intuitive talent, or you are having increasingly regular intuitive experiences and would like some guidance to help you along the way.

I use a unique combination or blend of intuitive energy techniques which give you practical information and suggestions to enable you to

  • Connect more deeply with your Personal Energy Field
  • Relate to past life issues
  • Discover where energy may be ‘blocked’ in your body systems and energy anatomy
  • Start the process of emotional release and letting go of traumatic past experiences.
  • Connect with your personal Spirit Guides

This growth in Personal Awareness has a side effect – it increases or opens Psychic Intuitive abilities.

After the session 1 hour session I will write a short report based on your reading to…

  • Suggest a Spiritual Practice Plan
  • Recommend books specifically for you
  • Suggest spiritual tools for your specific Personal Energy such as crystals or essential oils

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