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A haunted hotel in Lawrence Kansas – the Eldridge

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A haunted hotel in Lawrence Kansas – the Eldridge

haunted hotel

Haunted Hotel?  I Used to think that was a cliché!

I have always been able to sense atmospheres in locations or buildings, but often thought it was something most people could do…but didn’t talk about!  This misconception went on for a number of years until I had the good fortune to work with a spiritual medium who finally confirmed my gifts.

I used to feel and sense things in specific places for ‘no apparent reason’…even freaking out a business colleague since I couldn’t help myself and asked him if somebody had died in his house by falling down the steep stairs at the back (it was a medieval cottage in Lewes, Sussex, UK).

He went a little pale at the gills at my question and replied that yes, the history of the house indicated that a woman had been pushed down the stairs by her husband in the 1800s and had died as a result.

Embracing Spiritual Mediumship gifts can be part of an awakening

As I’ve continued onwards on my Spiritual Journey it has never ceased to amaze me.  The last thing I would ever have labeled myself is a spiritual medium, yet on the journey I keep having these odd experiences.  The Eldridge Hotel has been one experience out of many and still came as a surprise.

What I have learned is that to truly understand these experiences we must learn to embrace the gifts or abilities that allow us to have these experiences in the first place.  Then we become less fearful of the experiences…understand them better…and so on. Initially, it’s understandable to be fearful…after all…we are taught to fear death at a pretty young age in Western Society.

The cold spot in the Eldridge Hotel, Lawrence Kansas

haunted hotelI knew nothing of the Eldridge Hotel’s reputation before we went there, Spring Break 2011.  To celebrate our wedding anniversary, my husband and I took the girls on a short road trip around Kansas via Manhattan and ending up in Lawrence, Kansas.  We booked a lovely dinner in an Italian restaurant for the second of our two nights in Lawrence and had no idea we had also booked into a haunted hotel!

Spirit made sure that I knew, though.  We booked in to the hotel and made our way up to the 5th floor where we had been given a suite since it was available – at the end of a long corridor.  As we walked down this corridor I suddenly felt a huge cold patch of air that seemed to hang there…warm on one side, warm on the other, cold in the middle.

I said to my husband (a very grounded person)

There’s a cold spot here – can you feel it?


Like many people his response was to laugh and shake it off.

Scratching my head somewhat we went into our suite

At this point the voice started.  Very genteel, southern and polite, a military officer who said that there were many entities in the hotel and since I had little ones, I should take particular care.  He kept talking and talking enough to make me raise the issue again with my husband.  So we got out our laptop and decided to google.

Whilst this was going on, I became aware of one being that was in flames, screaming and running up and down the corridor outside…and another that I wasn’t sure what/who it was, just not very nice intentions at all, let’s put it that way.

As we googled, up came the headline “haunted 5th floor of the Eldridge Hotel, Lawrence Kansas“.  Oh, dear.  According to several websites the presence of Col. Eldridge is often felt, especially in room 506 (luckily not our room) where ‘he’ likes to blow his breath on a tall mirror and steam it up in the presence of guests.  Other reported  manifestations have included

  • the cracking of a water bottle in the middle of the night
  • an air conditioner randomly switching on
  • watching your luggage shake all by itself.

In fact the Eldridge is such a haunted hotel that it has earned a feature on A&E’s Biography show My Ghost Story.


Luckily for us, I had bought some Frankincense oil with me and a crystal, so I cleared our room using energy.  Whoever the ghost was that talked to me (and it could have been Col. Eldridge for all I know), he said he would guard the room that night to ‘help the little ones’.

Despite the clearings I found it hard to sleep and much to my husband’s chagrin, we kept a bedside lamp on all night.  It didn’t stop surrounding energies from blowing words and songs under an outside door leading to a small balcony.  Not quite the romantic stay my husband had been looking for!

Another haunted hotel gave me the chills during the same year

The same year we stayed in the Eldridge we also took a road trip to Charleston, SC in order to visit my husband’s parents.  On the road we stayed in a very modern Holiday Inn with a pool on the road just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

I had an odd dream that night which I just couldn’t put down to the big dinner and lemon drop martini I had the night before.  I dreamed that a young man came into the room holding a bloody knife and wanted to tell me that he had been murdered.  This dream repeated a couple of times during the night.

 Check if you really are in a haunted hotel

The next day I thought I would check if it was happening again, so I approached a desk clerk and asked her if the hotel had experienced any hauntings.  She leaned in and in genuine distress (because she didn’t want her boss behind her to hear) and said

They are here!

Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel?


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8 Responses

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  2. Monica Wilcox says:

    SO many times I have lost count. I’m now in the habit of protecting the room with energy before I go to sleep. I don’t know what it is about hotels but I’ve found earth bound spirits do tend to linger in them. I’m not sure if it’s the constant hustle of human energy or what but there is a reason for the cliche’.

    • Tell me about it Monica. Maybe it’s just the sheer amount of footfall of humanity in hotels! Often they are built in very powerful places energetically, too, where people like to meet and hang out. Maybe that is it.

      I agree though, new or old I always clear a space when I stay away from home now!

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