Using Tapping (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique

What is tapping or EFT?

EFT or Tapping
EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique® was originated by Gary Craig.

I first came across this work about 5 years ago when a colleague suggested I practice it.

Gary Craig has done a great job of sharing the abundance of this effective work.

He initially allowing any practitioners signing up for the courses to share the work with at least 8 other people through copying the DVDs and manuals for free.

Tapping’ or EFT is literally what it says, tapping on meridian points on the body in a specific manner to release a number of issues, along with spoken affirmations (positive reinforcing phrases or words).

EFT, sometimes known as Tapping or Meridian Tapping, helps clear energy blocks or reconnects body energy that has shorted out due to traumas, phobias or fears

The approach may seem odd to some people but is gaining ground due to its’ success with results. It seemed familiar in many ways to me, watching Gary’s videos I noticed that his language was careful with clients since he practiced NLP™.

Also a lot of the words used during the EFT process very consciously balance and activate the left and right brain using similar methods to Brain Gym and Kinesiology.

I’m familiar with both Brain Gym and Kinesiology, having used them in business training in the UK.

I’m teaching my children EFT and they really like it

It’s a great way to affirm emotions which leave can stuck and clear them as we continue to move through life.

Show below are some of my favorite EFT or Tapping resources – Nick Ortner’s DVD (basically an instructional movie) is a great way to get a sense of this work.

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