How To Receive Intuitive Insights – A Free Assessment

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How To Receive Intuitive Insights – A Free Assessment

intuitive insights

How do you receive your intuitive insights? Intuition is extremely helpful to us when we are making decisions, feeling something out, or sensing somebody’s energy or intentions toward us. But how can we identify our own intuitive process and refine it? This post gives you some immediate feedback when you take these 3 easy steps.

Intuitive insights – is it all in the mind?

In my email learning series, I define intuition as: –

“Unusual insight: intuitive perception.”

Merriam Webster

We have unusual experiences sometimes, but where do they come from?

As a regular intuitive insights experiencer, I have studied this phenomenon for a while.

I’ve come up with some cool tools to help you, the intuitive insights seeker/experiencer, narrow down exactly how your intuition works.

I’ve had a lot of different intuitive experiences. One led a connection with an extremely useful business tool.

My business partner at the time and I ended up using this tool at the corporate level in UK business. We worked with business trainers to help them understand their students better.

Step #1 – Free tool to discover your learning profile

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At an Accelerated Learning conference, my then business partner and I met someone who used kinesiology (muscle testing) in an unusual way.

Carla Hannaford analyzed people’s brain profiles so that each person could discover their ideal learning pattern.

Some people are better visual learners (about 15% of the population). Some people prefer to listen because they get easily overwhelmed with visual information. These people often like to doodle to process (that’s me).

Some people who are highly kinesthetic (body-focused), need to move their bodies to process information. They often struggle with trying to learn when sitting still at a desk. If you think this might be you, then a track desk or exercise bike will work best when you are studying.

There are 8 brain intelligences in all, and we each have our unique preferences, or clearest learning channels.

Free PDF to help discover your unique learning profile and intuitive insights?

If you’d like more information about learning profiles, message me at the secure client portal and I’ll send you a short free PDF exercise which dips a little deeper into how to apply this information.

It’s very easy to do. You just print out the PDF chart, and color it in with your reactions to the questions below.

Your 8 Brain Intelligences short quiz

Print out this chart and color it in

Print out the chart below, color it in, take a picture of it and send it back to me at

Step #2 – Read about the 8 ‘Clairs’ – which ones resonate?

In traditional psychic work, there is a lot of talk about the 8 Clairs (French for ‘clear’). Clairvoyance translated becomes ‘clear-seeing’.

The 8 Clairs are: –

Inner or outer visionsClair Voyance.
Audible thoughts, voices, or ideas – Clair Audience.
Feelings that don’t seem to come from our own thoughts – Clair Sentience.
Knowing – a sudden whole body knowing or gut feel – Clair Cognizance.
Taste – sensing a taste that isn’t present in the mouth physically – Clair Gustance.
Smells – smelling something that isn’t present physically – Clair Alience.
Touch – being able to intuit information from touching or holding an object – Clair tangency.
Emotion – experiencing emotions which are not our own – Clair empathy.

As I’ve spent more time and effort working with my intuitive insights, I’ve noticed that I’m quite strongly clairaudient.

It often comes first for me, swiftly followed by clairvoyance.

Intuitive Insights can come from knowing your strongest Clair

You can see that a lot of intuitive work relates to using the whole body as an instrument, not just by employing the mind or the third eye.

If you have done Step 1 and discovered your unique learning profile, you may notice some synchronicities or relevance with the Clair you are most drawn to in Step 2.

For example, I am most comfortable with auditory learning, and ALSO experience clairaudience very strongly. My intuitive insights are based on hearing information for clients more often than not.

None of us are limited to just one Clair, or just one intelligence. The point is, we all have unique preferences.

Would you like to know more about your own intuition?

Once you’ve completed the short exercise in Step #1 above, take a picture of it and send it to me at the client portal with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

Through a short attunement process, I’ll be able to suggest a simple way to expand your intuition.

I can also help you to develop your intuition with coaching classes, and Akashic Records Readings.

Working with the Akashic Records opens us up to more intuitive insights simply by connecting with the Records.

Step #3 – Discover your Human Design Authority

Have you signed up for my free email learning series yet?

Here is an opportunity within the series to request a free Human Design Report if you haven’t yet signed up.

Learn about your unique Human Design and your authority. This will complete another puzzle piece on the journey of developing your own intuitive insights.

How knowing your Human Design Authority helps intuition – free chart and report

You’ll find out that your Personal Authority lies in a particular way of operating.

In my case, I focus on my Solar Plexus Chakra when working with clients to expand the depth of my intuitive insights. It’s part of my Human Design Authority.

To get a free Human Design Report and chart to add to the information here as Step #3, then just message me at the client portal and I will create one for you.

I hope you enjoyed these three steps. Please do let me know your results if you work through all three free offers here.

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