Manifesting Abundance – Pick A Card With Your Spirit Guides

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Manifesting Abundance – Pick A Card With Your Spirit Guides

manifesting abundance

How can Oracle Cards or Tarot Cards help us with manifesting abundance? Using Tarot and Oracle Decks can help us to kick off powerful thought processes. We may even get in touch with new ideas from our inner world. Invoke your Spirit Guides and pick a card from this deck to help you understand the process better.

Manifesting abundance – work with Oracle Cards

This reading will help you to understand your relationship to abundance more clearly through internal contemplation.

Oracle cards and Tarot cards helps us to tune into the symbolic language of the unconscious.

We all have subconscious processes which can enable us to move forward in life.

Learning to tune into our positive subconscious associations can help us to clear mental and emotional blocks. We can discover new viewpoints and ideas as part of our creative process.

Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards help us to do this, by learning to contemplate our inner world. Cards help us to do this through our subconscious language, that of symbols, archetypes and pictures.

We keep verbal language out of the way and experience a different way of thinking.

Card Decks and your Spirit Guides

If you are on the spiritual journey or mystical path, you will also enjoy invoking your Spirit Guides to help. Set the intention of manifesting abundance before you begin this process.

Your Spirit Guides will help you pick the appropriate card pile and read the channeled message.

To prepare, simply say “Thank you Guides”, and just pick the first card you are drawn to!

Manifesting abundance – pick a card

Pick a card from one of the cards in the main picture. Select the link to your chosen card and read more about the card – and the 3-card pile connected to it.

Pile 1: Journey by Moonlight (Moon)

Pile 2: Discovering Truth (Traveler)

Pile 3: Ascending the Mountain (Mountain range)

The oracle card deck I am using for this reading is Denise Linn’s lovely Sacred Traveler Oracle Card Deck.

I first connected with Denise Linn’s work at a past life regression workshop in London, UK in the late ‘90s.

Pile 1: Journey by Moonlight card

The card that leads you to this pile has the 4 elements of: – 

  • sound
  • magic
  • moonlight and 
  • myth.

How can this card relate to manifesting abundance?

On the first card you picked to get to this pile, Pan plays the pipes. A beautiful flower glows in the moonlight, a fairy perches delicately on a tree branch, and an elf sits on a mushroom and plays a flute.

Journeying by moonlight — in your dreams, or simply at night — can be a very abundant spiritual and emotional experience for you. Perhaps also consider it as a practice to generate money-making ideas.

There is a deep reflecting pool in the center of the card beneath the huge full moon.

Reflecting pools in a card are always an invitation to go deeper, and to learn that the deeper we learn to reflect internally, the more external abundance we can find.

The card’s affirmation is: –

Believe in magic!

Denise Linn’s Sacred Traveler cards

Know that there is a deeply intuitive and magical part of you that you yearn to connect with. 

Learning to reflect, contemplate and meditate – whether you are a beginner or learning to go deeper - is indicated by this card. 

You may even be quite clairaudient (clear hearing). Perhaps you can hear messages from your Spirit Guides, since two characters on the card are playing musical instruments.

Now to your 3-card reading (the pile under Journey by Moonlight)

manifesting abundance

Your three cards are Fellow Travelers, Narrow Pathway, and Grace and Gratitude.

The affirmations with each card are: –

Fellow Travelers — Support is all around you.

Narrow Pathway — Tread thoughtfully.

Grace and Gratitude — Through gratitude, joy expands.

Denise Linn

The Fellow Travelers Card

Fellow Travelers is a highly spiritual card. There’s a peacock on the left (representing Bohdisattva or Master Guide energy). Notice that it sits below a heavily laden orange branch. A rainbow extends from the peacock’s heart to the top of the card. 

Another peacock grazes peacefully nearby. A Guide with a staff and hat stands on the right-hand side, gazing into the distance.

The messages of cards tend to build one on the next. Both these cards indicate manifesting abundance that is available in the present moment.

You could be missing opportunities without taking time for deeper contemplation. Example – like not seeing the fruitful orange branch right above you. 

Meditate more deeply and look to the abundance within. Also pay attention to the beautiful view in front of you as observed by your Guide.

This will give you a richer experience of life and help to attract more abundance of all kinds.

A Guide with some kind of headdress or hat is significant. It’s a sign that your Higher Self connection is expanding through the Crown Chakra.

This card also reminds me of the famous abundant journey undertaken by the character in Paula Coelho’s famous book — The Alchemist

The Narrow Pathway Card

Narrow Pathway feels like a very physical card to me. 

There is a narrowing of energy quite literally with this card. The pathway you need to take is narrow and extremely high up, crossing a cloudy ravine.

The card exhorts you to “Tread thoughtfully”. Are you narrowing your perspective to manifesting abundance by aligning with negative thoughtforms?

Perhaps you are feeling spiritually exhausted because you are struggling to get to something far ahead?Remember it’s important not to miss all the abundance right in front of you.

It’s good, of course, to tread carefully if matters of abundance relate to money. This card could indicate the need for being more mindful with your financial resources. Literally meaning take the ‘narrow way’ until more opportunities present themselves.

The clouds also can represent an area of ‘unknowing’ in the subconscious. Don’t spend money or spread your resources too thinly. Wait until you can see what it is you are spending your money or energy on!

The Grace and Gratitude Card

Grace and Gratitude is a card showing abundance on all levels. The Guide in the card has a lilac ribbon on her head with a golden adornment on it. This shows a higher level of activation through the Third Eye Chakra

The trees are lilac-colored, as well as the bush shown behind the Guide’s shoulder. The path leads to a lovely two-level dwelling.

The Guide holds out her hand, from which an abundant ‘mist’ arises (resonating hand chakra), containing pink and lilac petals. The petals rise up to the Third Eye Chakra of the Guide.

They are also scattered around the Roots of the trees (root chakra).

She says, “Through gratitude, joy expands”.

Joy, and joyous vitality can be difficult to generate sometimes . And yet this practice does lead us to abundance of all kinds when we allow it to arise.

It’s not always easy to feel Grace, let alone Gratitude.

Tuning into Joyous Vitality

Gate 58 in the Root Chakra (Human Design) is the Gate of Joyous Vitality. Often, outside pressures can prevent us from feeling our natural vitality fully, joyous or otherwise.

Again, the overarching message for this pile is that abundance is all around you. Find ways to tune into it and change your perceptions and state of mind.

In conclusion to help with manifesting abundance, consider deeper meditations — either through water imagery work, or lucid dreaming. 

Visualize a Spirit Guide who is wearing a hat and observe what you hear or see. This might sound odd, I know. Yet the results of these types of exercises can be quite surprising, not to mention useful. 

Pull back where you can with some money-saving activities if money is a concern right now. Avoid being impulsive if you can’t ‘see’ an outcome clearly through the mental mists.

Finally, do what you can to release pressures from the outside. Try to not be in such a hurry. Find ways to take the pressure off you right now.

Then you can feel better or happier about where you are by introducing a new perspective.

Did you enjoy this reading? Feel free to let me know, comment, and ask questions. For a deeper reading, joint the client portal to learn more.

Pile 2 — the Discovering Truth Card

manifesting abundance

The affirmation for the Discovering Truth Card is: –

You stand in the light of truth.”

Denise Linn, Sacred Traveler Cards

For this top card in pile 2, we see a person on a sacred journey of their own, walking away from the familiar and visible landscape.

This person is walking into a new world – or even another reality. The person is smiling to themselves, and they have a solid-looking backpack and walking stick.

Imagine this person is one of your Spirit Guides leading the way for you. Where are you headed?

Two other people in the card point to what is known and seen in the valley ahead – an older person and a younger person. These people are very much involved in their own conversation. They are not noticing or paying attention to the person walking away with a happy expression on their face.

Truth is the indicator of your correct path and it will light the way to abundance for you. Walk on the path of truth that is right for you. This is more important than the rich-looking valley full of sheep, crops and houses.

Truth is a Soul-level Energy Center in the Divine Soul Blueprint of every human, as well as a Channel in Human Design (called Inner Truth, connecting the Crown Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra). 

Since truth is mentioned twice just in words on this oracle card, then I’m going to take it truth is extremely important to you when it comes to manifesting abundance or experiencing abundance in your life. 

Let’s see what the rest of the pile says.

Now to your 3-card reading (the pile under the Discovering Truth Card)

Your three cards are Rejuvenating Rain, Reaching Your Destination, and Rainbow Blessings.

The affirmations with each card are: –

Rejuvenating Rain — Clear the past; heal the present.

Reaching Your Destination—Your light is shining brightly.

Rainbow Blessings —Blessings are showering your life.

Denise Linn – Sacred Traveler cards.

The Rejuvenating Rain Card

This card shows a beautiful young woman wearing pink (at the front) and lavender (behind). Imagine she is one of your Spirit Guides. 

This card mentions clearing the past. Notice that her lavender robe is laying open and on her body towards her back.

 Lavender and violet and all the purple shades can indicate a Past Life issue or some kind of connection to the Akashic Records. People who see or sense the energy of Akashic Records often describe it as lilac, purple, or violet.

Our Akashic Records and past lives are also stored behind our backs. They are retained in a golden prism of energy. (Note that this is represented by the golden embroidery on her robe and gown).

Your road to abundance – as well as being the road of Inner Truth – will also involve letting go and accepting some of your past issues. These issues have been holding you back and causing you grief of one kind or another.

The young woman representing your Spirit Guide leans forward into the reflecting pool (representing the inner world and deep reflection), dipping her hand in to touch what is there in the present moment

A powerful waterfall, representing fresh new energy pours through the boulders without its’ flow being restricted.

Your Guide in this card suggests that you move forward with your intended changes as soon as possible. Let go of past issues that are holding you back. 

When you do move forward, the old blocks will transmute from blocks and restrictions into golden patterns of energy. These new energy patterns will become a resource for you to reflect upon and contemplate. 

New rivers of energy – which will result in manifesting abundance – will then be available to you, and nothing will hold you back!

The Reaching Your Destination Card

This card is a reminder that: –

It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ursula K Le Guin — Left Hand of Darkness

Wherever we travel, it is always ‘us’ that arrives there.

Making the journey just as important as the destination is the message of this card. Another way to say this is “Wherever you go — there you are”.

You could miss out on some truly abundant growth experiences if you just hurry towards the destination without the present moment in mind.

Notice that the castle is enclosed in a bubble, with other bubbles shown as distractions off the path of truth, too.

Stick firm on your intended path. Feel free to enjoy the concept of a destination just as much as the ‘getting there’ part. 

The chances are though, that if you rush and hurry to get to your destination, you may get into difficulties.

If you don’t take care, the ‘illusion’ of the castle in the bubble, the scent of the lovely flowers at the foot of the tree will be ignored, as well as the loopy flight of the blue butterfly (a sign of transformation). 

You want to make sure that you head for the ‘right’ castle, not just the one that looks prettiest in the moment — it could be an illusion.

So yes, aim high, but at the same time, remember to experience all the abundance you can while you do this. Be fully present for the journey, too.

By keeping this double focus, this is how your light continues to shine and directs you on the right path.

Experiencing your best journey will emanate both from truth and abundance.

The Rainbow Blessings Card

We don’t see any individualized people in this card, just a view out over the entrance to our castle as we look outwards.

The Guides in this card are indicated by the nature of the landscape and the rainbow. Notice also the white flowers in the foreground. Since they are blooming abundantly, they foreshadow personal happiness.

The end of the Rainbow stops at your ‘castle’.

You have a lovely view of a river or lake. This also represents the new energy in the Rejuvenating Rain card. There is also a higher perspective of purple mountains, instead of the lower first view we saw of the valley in the original card.

Your goal will make you happy. The arch above also gives a feeling of safety, and a good boundary or division between your inner world and the outer landscape.

Perhaps your most abundant move right now could be leaving the old behind, aiming for a change of living quarters, even a total location change.

When you make these changes you will achieve a sense of greater happiness and riches. This is denoted by the ‘end’ of the rainbow leading to your castle. There is also a sense of belonging that awaits you through manifesting abundance.

Did you enjoy this reading? Feel free to let me know, comment, and ask questions. For a deeper reading, joint the client portal to learn more.

Pile 3 — the Ascending the Mountain Card

The affirmation for the Ascending the Mountain card is “Keep going forward”.

Mountains in a card are most commonly a sign that obstacles will be put in our way or appear on the road that we choose to take.

In this case, you have three mountain ranges, showing in slightly different colors.

So, to get to the abundant ‘land’ you desire, you may have to rise up over three different obstacles, each one a different kind of difficulty than the next.

The Guide walking forwards in the card has flowers growing abundantly by their side. This shows it is best to begin this journey of abundance and ascension from a position of personal security, safety and high energy. 

If you don’t feel you are quite ready yet, then it might be wise to do some work in these areas before you make your big ascent.

Now to your 3-card reading (the pile under the Ascending the Mountain Card)

Your three cards are Begin Now, Breaking Trail and Choosing Your Path.

The affirmations with each card are: –

Begin Now — Take your first step.

Breaking Trail — A breakthrough is at hand.

Choosing Your Path — All is possible.

Denise Linn, Sacred Traveler cards

The Begin Now Card

Assuming that you are ready to put the work in, your Guide is encouraging you to begin your journey of manifesting abundance by waving a fond farewell.

Two other people are waving you off too — notice them at the bottom left of the card.

Along with the previous card (Ascending the Mountain), this indicates some kind of personal growth that you have had to put a lot of work in to achieve, whether this is financial (a new job, location or career), or even spiritual (ready to meet new Guides or begin a new spiritual practice).

You are prepared (backpack, walking stick), and the journey looks to be studded with fruitful opportunities. The path is clear off into the distance, and there are foodstuffs available — the hens and the planted crops, even a harvest.

Perhaps a new life situation, Guide or person awaits you — and who is that tiny figure that is standing on the hilltop against the sunset?

The Breaking Trail Card

Dig in, you are doing the work of the journey, and maybe even bringing in some of that harvest that you have worked so hard to create.

You can see this card as you, cutting down the stalks of the harvested crop, or as a Guide, who is appropriately clothed and extremely focused on the job at hand.

Maybe you have to pause your journey — break the trail — to keep on working and bringing abundance towards you.

It’s OK if you do have to break from the path— remember there are potentially 3 obstacles in your path shown in the Ascending the Mountain card, and this may be one of them. 

We can’t always predict exactly how our journey is going to go, since with each step our energy contacts the Earth below our feet, and our karma reacts with the elements of the Earth and our surroundings at that point.

Think of ‘elements’ as all the energetic factors we carry with us that react with the environment on our journey. 

These elements reside within our body and through our personal energy, or Aura. Elements can be karmic or genetic. When these elements react with elements from other people, or the Earth (a location or environment), Life Lessons and themes may be activated.

The Choosing Your Path Card

This card shows you at the end of your journey, in different clothing — even armor!

You can choose to visualize yourself as the person in this card, standing on top of the world, or as a Guide demonstrating to you the classic archetype of a knight — a person who has grown on their personal or spiritual journey through the undertaking and completion of a mission.

The figure is looking backwards now at those three mountain ranges, or obstacles, from a higher perspective.

You wear a violet cloak which blows gently in the breeze (a cloak signifies protection). It also looks like you have learned to defend yourself with a sword.

An autumn tree is displayed around your upper body (the Heart to Crown Chakras), indicating that you have indeed found abundance — perhaps as a ‘wealth’ of knowledge and self-awareness.

The message is clear — when you choose to ascend and are well-prepared, you will get all the protection and help from your Guides that you need. 

Expect, perhaps, to dig yourself out of a few karmic trenches as your aura’s elements activate — try not let that dishearten you — since a harvest of knowledge and abundance will result, as long as you remain focused on your journey and the hard work at hand.

Did you enjoy this reading? Feel free to let me know, comment, and ask questions. For a deeper reading, joint the client portal to learn more.

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