How To Attune To Sirian Starseeds Energy, And Origins?

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How To Attune To Sirian Starseeds Energy, And Origins?

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What is a Sirian Starseed?

A Sirian Starseed is a Wanderer Soul. Its origins or first lives began in the Star System of Sirius.

There are lots of Sirian Starseeds currently incarnated on Earth. I have met quite a few of them through giving my Soul Star Readings.

During these readings, I work with a client’s Divine Soul Blueprint. Part of this reading is about their Soul Group.

During the Soul Star Reading, the client may discover that they have Sirian Starseed origins.

Sirians are planetary builders and system builders.

Akashic Guide Matias de Stefano, in his Gaia series Initiation, refers to the Sirians as one of the builders of the Earth’s magnetic field and magnetic grids.

Sirians may have helped to seed and create our Earth consciousness. This has happened in collaboration with some other Star Races, such as the Arcturians and the Orionid beings.

Sirian Starseeds work with gold, specifically with gold discs. Their work helps to set energetic portals and ley-lines around the planet.

Connections between Sirian Starseeds and the Hopi in Arizona

The Hopi name for the star Sirius is “Blue Star Kachina”.

The Arizona-based Hopi tribe predicts a Fifth World emergence. They say that this will be when the Blue Star of Sirius becomes more visible in our night sky.

Their stories tell is this is because Earth is in a long-distance orbit with Sirius. Currently, Sirius is outside of our current non-binary star history.

Binary star systems are a system of two stars bound together by gravity. They are therefore in orbit with each other. Binary star systems are more common than non-binary star systems.

Currently, Earth is a non-binary star system because we just have Sol, the Sun star, as our primary force for orbit.

The Return of Sirius

The Arizona Hopi tells of a time when Sirius will again be in our orbit. They predict that and we will be visited by the Kachinas (off-worlders) from Sirius. They say this has happened before, in their distant past.

The Hopi pass this information down in their oral history and traditions. They even make Kachina dolls for their children, so that they won’t be afraid of the off-worlders when they return.

The prediction is that Sirius will appear during the day as a silvery light, and at night as a second moon.

This idea makes me think of Luke Skywalker’s original home planet, where twin suns would set in the evening.

Sirian Starseeds and Spiritual Practice

There are three Sirian Stars commonly referenced in New Age spiritual practice. This trinity of stars is interpreted with the following attributes: –

  1. Sirius A – aligned with the Christ consciousness or logos. Also aligned with the Ascended Masters of the Light and the Councils of Light.
  2. Sirius B – aligned with whales and dolphins.
  3. Sirius C – Aligned with the Divine Feminine and total empowerment and healing of the Universe.

(Gillian MacBeth-Louthan –

Crystals that naturally attract Sirian Starseeds

choosing a crystal
One of my Aqua Aura pendants

Aqua Aura quartz crystals have long been a favorite of mine. I have two different pendants of Aqua Aura crystal and have always felt that they give me powerful psychic protection.

This type of crystal is created by taking natural quartz and covering it with a thin layer of gold. The gold i is attached by applying an electromagnetic field to the quartz.

(Remember the gold disc being carried by the Sirian in Matias de Stefano’s channeled information above).

This specialized combination of quartz and gold produces a powerful energetic field and a clear crystal with a blue aura.

The Aqua Aura crystal stimulates the throat chakra and encourages “opening to channel”. It has also been used to activate the energy of other minerals for healing.

Aqua Aura quartz can…cleanse and smooth the aura, activate chakras and to release negativity from the emotional, physical, mental, and etheric energy bodies.

Love is in the Earth – a kaleidoscope of crystals updated by Melody.

A good resource to learn more

This classic reference book – The Sirius Connection by Murry Hope – is a great resource.

The book covers both the science and esoteric history of the Sirian Starseed. It also delves into research about the Sirian connection to Egyptian Earth history.

Murry explores the Ancient Astronaut Theory and shows us fascinating connections to Sirius from our calendar. She also documents Egypt’s early beginnings through its’ gene pool.

Murry suggests the possibility that Egypt’s early settlements were based on a combination of Earth, Atlantean, and even Sirian genetics.

The Sothic Calendar

Many early calendars, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Mayan were all based on a cycle of 360 days using the Sothic calendar.

The Egyptians had Solar, Lunar, and Sothic calendars (Sothic means Sirian).

The ancient Romans did, too.

The Sirian, or fixed year, was based on the heliacal rising of Sirius!

Owing to the precession of the equinoxes, on the one hand, and the movement of Sirius on the other, the position of the Sun with respect to Sirius is displaced in the same direction.

Astronomers’ calculations have demonstrated that between 4321 and 2231 BC, the Sirian year was almost identical to our Julian year of 365 and ¼ days.

Murry Hope
Murry Hope, The Sirius Connection

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