What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the spiritual journey?

frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions as you move through the spiritual journey

Having given Akashic Records Readings since 2010, and energy work and reflexology since 2005, I have noticed a core group of questions asked by clients as they walk the spiritual journey.

This page groups those core questions together with 3 different posts related to each question in order to help you as you walk the spiritual path.

What is my Soul Purpose?

What is my Soul Purpose?  Question number 1 in all the readings that I give and definitely top of the list of frequently asked questions.

Depending on the energy behind the question, you may find these 3 posts useful.

1. Are you really asking about your career?  Then read your answers with the Life Purpose Cards

2. Are you at a crossroads?  Here are some reasons to have an Akashic Records Reading

3. Are you having a spiritual awakening including intuition and lucid dreams?

A half-hour reading will work well for Soul Purpose/Life Purpose if you have 1-3 questions>>

What Past Lives are currently affecting me?

Past Lives and Generational energy can affect our present vibrational state.

This is why people ask about Past Lives as the second of the most frequently asked questions.

If our actions, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances from Past Lives remain uncleared, unwanted karma can result.

This is why so many people have that sneaking suspicion that Past Lives are affecting their current life, performance or ability to experience happiness.

1. Why work with Past Lives?

2. This is what it feels like to connect with a Past Life

3. Generational Energy and how it can affect us

4. A 1-hour reading will work well for Past Life issues, they can be complex>>

When will I meet my twin flame?

The burning question, literally, and number 3 in my list of most frequently asked questions.

Sometimes it’s not only, but also, is this new person my twin flame and is it time to leave my current partner?

It’s easy to confuse twin flames and soul mates when looking for that special someone.

From the Akashic perspective, in some senses, everyone is a potential 'soul mate' - in that we do not exist in a vacuum, and co-create our lives with others.Click To Tweet

Sometimes soul mates can appear in several lives, which is one reason why they seem so familiar and easy to be with.

We may also have soul contracts with people that are left over from other lives where karma has not been cleared.

Conversely, they can be our ‘opposites’, our deepest challenge, because it’s time to clear karma.

So we spend part of our lives with them, and that time spent is a huge catalyst for both.  Kaboom!

So what are twin flames and how do they differ from soul mates?

In my experience, twin flames can seem so amazingly connected to us the minute we meet them, that they may seem like a part of us!

If they come from our Soul Monad or Soul Group, then the connection may be very intense.

Some people believe that twin flames are another part of our Soul incarnated into another body.

I haven’t personally experienced this as yet, but I wouldn’t dismiss that idea just because I haven’t experienced it.

1. Have I resolved the life lessons with my current partner?

2. What is a Soul Monad?

3. What are the signs that a friend is a spiritual guide in your life?

4. A Soul Star Reading will present you with a Soul Story and help to clear karma, resolve patterns and answer deeper questions such as those related to Soul Mates or Twin Flames>>

If you have any more questions…

Feel free to chat with me via the client portal.

I hope you enjoyed this FAQ page.

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