A rescue dog and another step on the spiritual journey

Pickle the rescue dachshund from Kansas Human Society

Rescue Dog Pickle enters our family life

Just under a month ago we found a rescue dog that really suits our family. 

We had been looking online at the Kansas Humane Society website, and each picture that we reviewed was rejected by my oldest girl because she was positive the particular dog was not right for us.  Then we looked online and found a small dachshund, to which she declared

‘I approve of that one’.

A good place to find a rescue pet in Kansas, The Kansas Humane Society, also find the Kansas Humane Society on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kansas-Humane-Society/65293917473  Join Smashburger  in supporting the KANSAS HUMANE SOCIETY! Smashburger WILL DONATE 25% OF PROCEEDS FROM ALL SALES ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2011.

It’s been really snowy here, lately!

It was really snowy on January 13th 2010, but both my girls were insistent that I should take a look at this particular rescue dog in a hurry. 

So along I went despite some nasty road conditions.  I was really happy with the dog’s energy and behavior, so put a ‘hold’ on her (a non-refundable desposit of $30) in order that the girls could come and visit too. 

They were right about the need for speed, another person was right behind me to see this particular rescue dog, and before I picked her up the next day, four more visitors came, even in the snow and ice.

Cesar Millan’s checklist for matching a dog’s energy with your family’s energy

My oldest daughter has always been a little nervous of dogs, we’re not sure why, but wondered if a previous neighbor’s nippy Chihuahua had something to do with it. 
So having been a Cesar Millan fan for several years I was looking for a dog that matched the following checklist:-
  •  smaller dog, not too ‘high energy’ – we are an active family, but I wouldn’t say we’re always on the go or needing to hike up mountains, so wanted to pick a dog that would enjoy a couple of walks a day and also be happy hanging out on the sofa with us while we watch a movie.
  • submitted readily to the girls and didn’t try to ‘claim’ them with jumping or climbing behavior – the dog rolled over and showed her belly straightaway for the girls during the Humane Society visit, so that was a big plus for me.  I didn’t want a dog that I needed to ‘show’ her place to, but one that was ready to ‘take’ her place as a follower, not a leader.
  • Was willing to walk on the leash, even if lacking in experience.  I walked her around the (small) visiting room on the leash, and she was a willing follower.
  • Took snacks and used her ‘sniffer’, even under stress.  Cesar Millan always mentions that a balanced dog interprets the world in the following order – nose, eyes, ears, and this rescue dog happily sniffed around and took snacks, even though a hound was howling in the background and another dog in a pen nearby was barking aggressively.
Pickle the rescue dachshund from Kansas Human Society
This is me, world!

Rescue dogs can be so cute – awwwww!

While she is a cute dog, it’s important to balance yourself so that you can clearly make good choices for your family when choosing a dog.

If Pickle hadn’t made our checklist which was important to us, I would not have let her little pleading brown eyes persuade me otherwise.  I don’t mean to be harsh, but we needed to pick the right rescue dog and not cause her more difficulties and stress by re-homing her once again if things didn’t work out.

 Dog Whispering is Energy Whispering, IMHO

 As an energy worker, I’ve followed Cesar Millan’s show The Dog Whisperer with great interest.  I’ve learned a lot from watching how he uses his body and energy to communicate in ‘unspoken conversations’ with dogs. 

Cesar is careful and mindful with the words he uses in when helping dog owners, which is one of our forms of expressing energy between people.  Cesar Millan’s website is Cesar’s Way, and you can review some episodes of The Dog Whisperer by watching on the National Geographic Channel website.  There is also a National Geographic Channel Cesar Millan blog

I’ve also read Cesar Millan’s book ‘Cesar’s Way’ and have found it useful and informative already.  It helped me to understand what to do before I even brought a rescue dog into the house and why.

Animals and our spiritual journeys

This has been my first experience of owning a dog, and I’m already noticing the fun and challenges!  I’ve already discovered ‘Dog ESP’,  Pickle showed the other night that she knew my husband was coming home by running up and down at the door happily and sitting and waiting.  I checked in the garage and driveway, but no sign of his truck.  I texted him, and he had just left work but had to drive the long way home because the usual security exit at work was unmanned and he had to drive the long way.  But she was quite sure he was on his way.

Pickle has made it quite clear that

  • If I don’t keep my shoulders back and my head up and lead, she will pull me along on the walk (and believe it or not, a 14lb dachshund can really pull!)
  • She stays in the moment all the time, and if I’m not in the moment she can sense the difference and will happily remind me (wet nose, requests for attention, food)
  • If I’m cooking a pork roast, there will be no dog food eaten unless she’s absolutely starving…she only wanted a little bit to be part of the ‘pack’, then she ate her dinner happily!
  • She embodies joy every morning when she gets let of her crate and ‘joy runs’ around the house or parades with her favorite toy.  A great role model for starting the day right.
  • She needs love openly and gives it in return, openly.
  • Both my girls are now interested in learning about energy, since they see Pickle do what I need her to just by transmission of energy, and they want to learn the ‘magic’!
  • She stretches after any down time and does a better ‘up dog’ and ‘down dog’ than I do!
  • She brings our family together with her need for walks and playtime.

More on Pickle’s progress as time goes by!



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