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Read the future from the perspective of the Akashic Records

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energetic goal setting

Read the future or Energetic Goal Setting

How to set goals from the wisdom of your Personal Energy!

Have you ever visited a fortune teller?

Most people who are interested in psychic or energetic work have gone to fortune tellers or psychics to try and read the future, or ask about future outcomes.

Some futures foretold never seem to manifest and are totally off the mark…yet other readings are amazingly accurate and extremely helpful.

How can the future be ‘read’ from the perspective of the Akashic Records?

Energetically speaking, the future cannot be read from the perspective of the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are ‘recorded’ and are an up-to-date energetic data stream of our past.  They reside in the 5th dimension.

Where is the future?

The famous Akashic Records Reader Edgar Cayce summed the future up as

The realm of ideas.

The future is held in the 4th dimension and you can think of it as a field of probabilities, possibilities, and ideas.

The psychic or reader will tune into the most likely outcomes for the client, and read those.

The most likely outcomes, or probabilities, create a type of energetic path which can be sensed.

Identifying the most likely outcome is key because then we can read them and decide if they are for us.

I had a reading where a Romany Gypsy read the future for me

In my teens, I went to visit a Romany Gypsy for a reading.  This was on Portsmouth Pier in the United Kingdom.

I was 17 at the time.  This lady was able to read future events by looking at the fronts and backs of my hands.

This reading included two boyfriends I would later date and even what my wedding dress would look like.

The reader was able to identify that my father wasn’t feeling well.  She even described where my mother worked, and what was kept in the drinks cabinet at home!

She was extremely accurate and as somebody with budding gifts of my own, I always wondered how she did it

When I started reading the Akashic Records in 2010, for some clients reading the future came really easily.

However, at other times some questions posed by clients were not clear at all.

This resulted in my feeling sweaty and uncomfortable because there was no energy to read.

Now with more study, I have discovered why!  We can read the future, using Energetic Goal Setting.

Reading the future from the perspective of the Akashic Records

Imagine that you want to manifest something, create a project or reach a goal.  How badly do you want to achieve that goal?

Have you made any choices yet to complete it?  Or are you just thinking about it?

Do you have the energy to spare to achieve your goals?

Sometimes it can seem like we work really hard to achieve our goals.  As hard as we work, we just can’t get ‘there’ from ‘here’.

Energetic Goal Setting, or reading the future, may well help you get around your seemingly invisible blocks and restrictions.

Take the Energetic Goal Setting Personality Quiz below

Begin to consider how to read the future.

Check out my quiz to learn more about your current Goal Setting Profile.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how you make decisions, and how your vibration could be affecting your outcomes?  If not then try the quiz!

Take the Energetic Goal Setting Quiz

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How the sessions work

  • In hour 1 you will find out two specific Soul measurements to help you understand your blocks and restrictions.
  • In hour 2 you will discover how probabilities and possibilities work, and how to focus on moving towards them.
  • We will agree on targets for you to achieve at the end of the hour 2 session.
  • Hour 3 is split up into 4 x 15-minute check-in sessions, separated by two-week periods.
  • Each of the four 15-minute sessions will involve
    • — an update from you and a check on your progress, sent to me beforehand.  We can make sure that your energetic intentions are lined up with your goals the for best results.
    • An assessment that your goals are in energetic alignment with your intentions and goals
    • A read of your Akashic Records to see if there is any information you need to know.
  • (3 hours in total).


Looking forward to seeing you fast track your future!

energetic goal setting


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