Entering the mystery of the Runes at Glastonbury Tor

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Entering the mystery of the Runes at Glastonbury Tor

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Runes – mysterious and meaningful at Glastonbury Tor

Runes and their power – a surprising result of a visit to Glastonbury in the UK.  (I’m in the photo to the left, wearing the flowery top!).

On a recent visit to my homeland, a close friend and I went on a tour.  We toured what I like to call power spots.  We visited Stonehenge, Avebury, and Glastonbury.

Jeremy White’s Wizarding tour

We only had a short time to be in Glastonbury, so decided on a tour with someone who knows the area.

We were fortunate to connect with Jeremy White, who regularly gives tours and is a practicing British shaman.

Talking about synchronicities…

The day before on the way to Stonehenge, my friend and I were talking non-stop.   We hadn’t seen each other for several years.

I started talking about synchronicities and the power of the 11:11, and the energy of the area we were headed towards started to work on us.

As we approached Stone Henge, we realized it was 11: 11, which popped up on the GPS.  On arrival, I paid for parking and they directed us to… row 11.  Very amusing.

That afternoon, after our walk around the Avebury stone circle, we visited a local alternative shop.

My friend stopped by a big bowl of runes and decided to follow the instructions.  I was continuing to wander and didn’t pay much attention until she read out the instructions.

Put your hand in, pick up a handful of runes, and drop all but one.  Then your rune will be selected for a reading.

Once she had picked a rune, I couldn’t resist and picked one too.

Then I noticed two books by the side of the bowl entitled Raising the Runes: A Shamanic Journey through Avalon and mentioned that the name seemed similar to the guide we would be meeting in Glastonbury.

As I looked closer, I realized he was the author of the book!  My friend and I had a good laugh about synchronicity.   I joked that we should buy the books and have Jeremy sign them the next day.

Opening up the books, we realized they were already signed…

So, of course, we bought them!

A very different view of Glastonbury

Meeting Jeremy the next day, we took a rainy tour of both the feminine and masculine power spots in Glastonbury.  By the Holy Thorn, Jeremy helped us with a traditional shamanic ceremony, where a little mead was involved.

Immediately I felt a shift to another dimension of awareness walking with Jeremy (and it wasn’t just the mead!).  I began to feel the energy of this power spot more and more strongly.

By the time we reached the foot of Glastonbury Tor, the energy there was palpable.   I strongly felt the influence of other dimensions and other levels of consciousness.

When Jeremy mentioned Freya, (a Norse Goddess) a 3-D image of her seemed to rise up through him.   I could see both Jeremy and the Goddess through him.  Now I knew I was in a really powerful place if I was having open-eyed visions.

Shamanic work with Runes

Jeremy had explained to us that his main work is to connect with the Norse Runes.   Those that resonate with this work will connect strongly with meanings for themselves.

Before we climbed the Tor, we experienced a short Shamanic Journey with Jeremy.  We then picked a rune of our own and shared our findings with him.

It was a powerful experience and left me with a powerful sense of presence, and a connection with the beauty of the energy at this magical location.


View from the top of Glastonbury Tor facing north-east, somebody meditating and enjoying the energy.

What are Runes?

Nordic Runes are symbols originating from the ancient Germanic alphabet.  They are an early form of language and can be found engraved on ancient monuments and artifacts.

When rune-ing or writing first began, being able to write or record a thought, feeling, or object was considered to be extremely powerful and magical.

I still think being able to write our thoughts is magical!  Some Runes or marks became imbued with more power in earlier times.  This was especially so if they represented a god – such as Odin, for example.  This was also true if a Rune represented a revered object such as a birch tree.

Certain Runes became engraved on stones or pieces of bone and can be used as divination tools.

After my experience, I’ve decided to take Jeremy’s online class, called ‘Awakening with the Runes’.  I’ll be reporting back and letting you know more about my progress!

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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