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We all occupy a unique space on the planet – we are all connected, all different

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We all occupy a unique space on the planet – we are all connected, all different

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uniqueUnique, connected, different

This from Monica Worth, an ‘O’ Magazine reader in this month’s Oprah magazine to the question “What are you looking forward to saying goodbye to in 2016?”.

Monica replied

“I’m saying goodbye to the idea that anyone else’s way of doing things should be my own. No one else can live my life — why would I try to live theirs? We may all be part of one whole, but that does not make us the same.  I am my own phenomenon”.

I love this spiritual principle that we are all unique, yet we are all connected.


An Akashic principle – we all occupy a unique space on the planet

During my Akashic Records training, my teacher Linda Howe would begin a lot of our meditative work with the words “you occupy a unique space on the planet”.

This is such a profound statement in its’ truth…yet for so many of us (me included) it’s a New Thought when we have spent years being bombarded by the Old Thought Forms of

– do it like this to fit in
– only the best people do ________________ (fill in the gap)
– buy this/do this/act this way to be cool and keep up with the pack
– do your religious or spiritual practice this way
– wear this
– hold your body like this
– if you don’t act like this, you may not be accepted, or survive, or worse, be ejected from your tribe

I could go on.

Akashic principles, social rules (some for a reason)

Some social mores, rules, and requirements are a good thing, of course. Yet the truth remains, we all occupy a unique space on the planet. Perhaps this time around we can learn to be more comfortable in that space and express ourselves more freely and authentically without fear of reprisal.

Certainly, in the West, we have more opportunities than ever to express ourselves in new ways, spiritually, emotional, physically and creatively and social media and the internet is a big part of that consciousness movement.

So some Akashic questions for the day. Assuming that you are beginning to embody a sense of occupying your unique place on this planet —

What activities would you undertake to get more comfortable with the feeling of being a unique spiritual being in a unique incarnated human body?

If you feel fear or nerves at the thought of actualizing or embodying this concept, what is the cause of this fear — what is the root cause of the issue, in this life or past lives? What have these fears taught you – were they ‘good ideas at the time’ or have they had their day and you are ready for new ones?

How will you begin to embody your own beautiful uniqueness in daily life?

What new thoughts have you come across recently which really resonate with this sense of uniqueness on the planet?

What are the first steps you will take to put these thoughts into daily action?

Sarah is an Accredited Akashic Records Reader with Linda Howe’s Center for Akashic Studies.

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