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We are in the Akashic Age – what is that, exactly?

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We are in the Akashic Age – what is that, exactly?


What is the Akashic Age, exactly?

Author Ervin Lazlo (author of Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything and Dawn of the Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and the Future of the World) believes that the Akashic Age will come about as we all adapt to the concept of non-locality.

akashic ageBy this, he is referring to the acceptance and emergence of the concept of individual, group and global collaboration to make the world a better place.

How can we begin to define the Akashic Age?

One definition is that we are all beginning to understand the scientifically founded fact that we are all connected.

Our growing internet connectivity is one sign of the growth of non-local consciousness in our daily lives.

Over the last 60 years or so, the internet has grown into a network where we can communicate and share ideas in real time with anyone around the world, resulting in greater connectedness for everyone.

From the advent of computers with packet switching to today’s cloud and television streaming services, we have gone from living in relatively isolated villages to being connected with vast numbers of people using technology.

Our human culture is growing in ways that it’s often impossible to predict in real time.  This results in the evolution of human consciousness.  Many people are becoming better informed about the way the world currently works.

Often, people realize during this process how many power structures are irrelevant to a more harmonious way of being.

We used to watch mainstream media and believe most of it

Now many people are beginning to find mainstream media more and more irrelevant.   From a spiritual perspective, a lot of mainstream media is heavy and highly negative in energetic content.

Using the internet and newer technology we are turning to new information.

Other non-local and ordinary people write it and record it via mp3s, take pictures of via their cell phone cameras and record on video what is actually happening in their part of the world.

This blog is a great example of the result of this non-local awareness – now available to anyone with an internet connection.

The fact that we are all unique and yet all connected is a primary belief or shift in awareness as part of the process of Akashic Awakening.

How can we shift to a new awareness and embody different ways of operating in the world?

Lazlo believes that we as Homo Sapiens need to shift 6 noxious personal beliefs and 5 Lethal Cultural Beliefs in order for this to happen.

Once we do shift these 11 beliefs, the world will shift into a new paradigm.

It’s important to understand that as part of shifting into the Akashic Age, we need to look at our brains differently.  Our brains are here to serve us, as opposed to us serving our brains and living in our heads.

The Western World has invested a lot in the brain

We grow it, teach it and focus heavily upon it.  We must take our brains to college!

Yet the scientific truth is that the brain is only a very small part of our human story of evolution.

We are more of a brain-body-mind, and as we move forward into the Akashic Age, we will begin to remember our hearts as a thinking center. When we do, this will be a beginning so that we can release old and outdated beliefs and cultural practices.Click To Tweet

The 6 noxious personal beliefs from Ervin Lazlo’s book are…

  1. I am what I am.  An individual making my way in an uncaring, indifferent and often hostile world.  I am responsible for ensuring only my own interests.

  2. I owe allegiance to only one country, and the government is required to look after my own interests.

  3. The value of everything, including human beings, can be calculated only in terms of money.  What every economy needs is growth and what every person wants is to get rich.

  4. Newer is always better.  It is desirable, and for the economy even necessary, to buy and use the latest products and technologies. The belief is that they make our economy grow and then everybody is better off.

  5. The world will run the way it has always been running; a crisis is a temporary disturbance after which business will again operate as usual.

  6. The long term future is none of my business. Why should I worry about the next generation? Every generation, like every person, has to look after itself.

The 5 lethal cultural beliefs are…

  1. The Neolithic Illusion: Nature is inexhaustible

  2. Social Darwinism: the ideology of competitive fitness

  3. Market Fundamentalism: whatever the question, the Market is the answer

  4. Consumerism: the more you have, the better you are.

  5. Militarism: the way to Peace is through War.

How to begin the work on clearing these noxious and lethal 11 beliefs?

As an Akashic Records Reader, I am learning to challenge (some of) these noxious personal beliefs and lethal cultural beliefs through my own study and work in the Akashic Records.

As we awaken we begin to realize that many of our own personal beliefs no longer serve us.  It’s time to share new thoughts and ideas with many more people, and discover who else thinks as we do, and who else is ready for progress.

The first step to changing these noxious beliefs is by realizing that they no longer serve us.

If we can learn the value of working with our Personal Energy and spirituality, it will help us to open our head space to new ideas.

We can begin to change, first of all by becoming more present and mindful and working on ourselves

Mindfulness is one of those practices that, at the end of the day, is extremely simple.

Yet our programming, social enculturation and old, outdated beliefs are the things that can block us from becoming simply mindful.

Mindfulness in the Akashic Age from my perspective is about being present, honest and truthful.  Within this new space, we can begin to broadcast our own truths and notice the commonality between our truths and those of others.

As part of our personal growth in the Akashic Age, it will become imperative to notice which of our behaviors are hurting others and to correct those behaviors and apologize in the present moment.  As an idea, it sounds simple.  Applied in real life, it can be a life task!

It’s my belief that working in the Akashic Records will help us move forward into the Akashic Age.

The interesting thing about working with the Akashic Records is that it is a self-teaching tool

The more we have an experience of being connected with all, and yet being unique, through the Akashic Records work, the more personal growth we will have.Click To Tweet

It will become easier to let go of all those old, outdated beliefs and to begin to focus on beliefs that truly serve us.

As I give readings, I learn and grow, too. I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in the Akashic Age.

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  1. This book looks great, and I definitely agree with his noxious beliefs, especially consumerism. Fortunately, I feel the consciousness of our world changing, as people give up working so many hours to do what their heart desires. I look forward to reading more of the articles on your blog!

  2. Katherine L says:

    I love the list of noxious personal and cultural beliefs! I think it can be summed up as “Any belief which reduces or obscures the interconnectedness of all things is false and disfunctional in the long term. Materialism is always a poor substitute for intimacy.

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