12 Spiritual Awakening Signs – How to Know That It Has Begun

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12 Spiritual Awakening Signs – How to Know That It Has Begun

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Do you wonder if you are having an awakening, and want to know what the spiritual awakening signs are? There are many ways for this to begin happening to you. Here is my personal list of 12 signs to help you understand the process and to validate your experiences.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

There are many definitions and lists out there on the Internet about having a spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening is a shift in perception, awareness and personal values. Maybe you are sensing energies, noticing great synchronicities, or even become more psychic or intuitive.

All of these changes can be spiritual awakening signs.

We are all so unique and different that these signs can vary hugely from person to person.

Here is my personal list of 12 spiritual awakening signs, to help you to validate your experiences.

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#1 – You Feel Stuck and Life is Not Working

Despite the fact that everything is going well for you, there is a sense that something is missing from your life.

Often, this is where we make what seems like an obvious change in our lives, such as: –

  • changing our job
  • leaving a partner (they must be the source of our unhappiness)
  • moving to a new location.

Over time, we discover that this change has not scratched the ‘itch’ of spiritual awakening, we know there is more, but somehow that ‘more’ is still just out of our reach.

#2 You Are Being Drawn to Some Kind of Calling

Maybe you sign up for a spiritual class, or find a teacher to help you with your spiritual awakening.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with many excellent teachers, and only taken a few wrong turns on the journey.

Having learned a form of energy balancing called the EMF Balancing Technique, and getting qualified in Maryland in Reflexology, I thought that was it. I was here to be a energy worker.

Studying and applying those two modalities with clients seemed to be the answer for a while.

And then it wasn’t enough, again.

#3 You Feel Lost

I still felt like there was more to know and experience, and that I needed to open to spiritual practices in new ways.

By committing to see a channeler once a year for several years, and this repeated practice helped open me up to new ideas and new energies.

I also began to practice meditation more regularly and to read more spiritual books.

This introduced me to the concept of the ‘onion’.

We are all working on different layers of awareness during our growth and realizing that we are working on the next layer of the onion is a big spiritual awakening sign.

#4 Full of Grace Suddenly

On returning from one channeling seminar that lasted a week, I took my kids to school the next day.

I loved the Montessori School I was able to take them to, and felt that it was a wonderful school to give them a chance to grow.

When I saw the schools’ Principal the first day back, I felt like the breath had been knocked out of me.

I saw her across the playground, and she seemed to have an energetic cross in her midsection that was glowing.

At the time, I didn’t know what to make of it. Later, I realized that my time spent at the channeling seminar had raised my vibration in some way.

The effect wasn’t permanent, but for a few weeks after my return from the seminar, I could ‘see’ symbols like this in certain people’s mid-sections.

That was very definitely an unusual sign of spiritual awakening!

#5 Dietary Shift

Following the same seminar, all of a sudden, I couldn’t bear to eat chicken and didn’t want to touch caffeine.

This was an immediate and sudden change. The ‘chicken’ thing returns on occasion. At that time, I stopped eating chicken for about 6 weeks.

I have rarely touched caffeine since, and if I do drink it, I’m very sensitive to the results of doing so.

#6 Lucid Dreams

I’ve always had unusual dreams, but lucid dreaming tends to have a completely different vibrational tone than normal processing dreams.

For me, lucid dreams are different than the normal ones in the following ways: –

  • There is lots of sensory data, bright colors, sounds and physical movement that I am aware of.
  • The dreams often contain the same people I know in life, but it’s as if we are all in a different dimension or Universe of some kind.
  • I visit Summerlanda place where we can connect with Loved Ones who have passed. I often visit with my mother and other family members in her old house.
  • The dreams have a strong significance or message for my present life.
  • I remember the dreams easily, and for a long time afterward.

#7 Unusual Energies and Visits

Around 2012-2014, I noticed that I was having many more night-time visits from Spirit Guides or Loved Ones before I fell asleep.

This was enough to really disturb my sleep schedule on a regular basis, so I decided to take a mediumship class.

After the 6-week class, I was able to manage my nightly ‘visits’, so that I am rarely disturbed this way, unless I let my guard down.

Being able to manage energetic boundaries, or noticing that they are being trodden on, is a massive spiritual awakening sign.

#8 Premonitions and Synchronicities in Threes

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Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on Pexels.com

I had often experienced premonitions or unusual synchronicities as a younger person.

Like many people, I had most commonly dismissed them as coincidences.

Often now though, I experience premonitions and synchronicities to the power of 3, so it’s hard to dismiss them.

One of the best ways to validate your experiences is to keep a simple journal, date stamping and time stamping your insights.

This way, you can discover the difference between leaps of imagination, and true intuitive insights.

You might also enjoy this simple power of three exercise.

#9 Aha Moments About Other People

As our soul vibration rate expands, we may start to view other people in a new and different light.

Perhaps you find yourself spending time with a new group of friends who are more interested in spiritual growth.

Some old friends drop or drift away or become harder to be around, because we feel we have less in common with them. This can of course be part of the natural process of maturing.

If you find yourself suddenly needing to be with a whole new group of more positive and self-actualized people because it feels comfortable, then that is definitely a spiritual awakening sign.

#10 Strange Messages from Other People or Locations

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Photo by Thomas Shockey on Pexels.com

Sudden and strange messages, or intuitions from other people or even the energy of locations are definitely worth paying attention to.

I have always enjoyed visiting Sedona, which is a very powerful spot for feeling Earth energies. Even geologists admit that there are unusual and measurable energies rising up from the ground there.

Near Bell Rock (one of the many portals in Sedona, AZ), the juniper trees are affected by the energy coming out of the ground, and they grow in strange, twisted formations.

While there attending an energy work training in Sedona, I had a strange experience at Bell Rock and described it to a colleague while we were visiting that location.

I could see the shapes of people ‘leaving’ and ‘departing’ through a portal in the rock. They had specific colors and forms.

He told me I had just described the same experience somebody had written about in the Sedona magazine that month! (I had never read the magazine).

#11 Connecting More Deeply with Animals and Nature

Perhaps you find yourself having unusually deep connections with an animal, tree, rock formation or location?

Connecting more deeply with Earth energies is definitely a sign of spiritual growth and awakening.

One of my favorite energetic openings in recent years has been with dogs. I had a dog from 2011-2023, she was a rescue dog from the Kansas Human Society.

Over time, we became very energetically connected, and this has opened me up to deeper energetic connections with friends’ pets, as well.

#12 A Deep Desire to Understand Your Soul Purpose

Wanting to know our individual Soul Purpose is a classic spiritual awakening sign.

One of the most satisfying connections I’ve made on the spiritual journey to date, is being able to understand information from my personal Akashic Records.

Part of this work includes learning about our individual Divine Soul Blueprint. This is the essential nature of our Soul, which is unchanging and eternal.

Connecting to my Akashic Records was the really big ‘aha’ for me. It helped me to make sense of so many spiritual awakening signs.

Finally – a system that helped me connect the dots and created a deeper understanding of my spiritual experiences.

Do Some of These Things Seem Familiar?

Then you may be having a spiritual awakening!

I believe I’ve had several spiritual awakenings in my life. I have ignored many and put them off.

Sometimes I thought I was just experiencing an illness, when the illness was actually a symptom of spiritual awakening!

I like Dr Brené Brown’s account of this from her book Daring Greatly…

In 2007, Dr. Brené Brown was researching and writing about living a wholehearted life when she realized for the first time, she wasn’t walking the walk.

The realization landed her in intensive therapy, where she began to recognize it as a breakdown spiritual awakening.

Brene Brown

Breakdown or Spiritual Awakening?

I had something approaching a breakdown in my late 20s.

I realized I wasn’t working in the right profession and my closest personal relationship was not right for me.

This manifested as a feeling of depression and helplessness.

Initially I took the medical route, by going to see my doctor and a psychotherapist for stress issues.

A few years later the same thing happened, and I felt more stress. Even though I had changed my job, the feelings of being trapped and closed in had not eased.

Finally, I began to feel more empowered as I became an independent businessperson and moved away from a troubled relationship.

There are still times when I still struggle, since we are all on a journey and meet various stages challenge as we grow.

Yet, my basic happiness is so much greater since I have accepted that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

How has going through a spiritual awakening manifested for you in your life?

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