Henry VIII and the Akashic Field

Henry VIII and the Akashic Field


“Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger – Portrait of Henry VIII – Google Art Project” by Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger 1497/8 (German)Details of artist on Google Art Project – eAHC0d0WiemXSA at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been watching the Tudors recently since I never saw this series the first time, nor when I was younger – at school was I particularly interested in historical facts. So uninterested in fact that I never took my history ‘owling level’ at school, preferring to cover all 3 sciences instead.

Wow, what an eye-opener to see a dramatized series going into detail about Henry VIII’s life

As a British child I had sung the song “I’m ‘enerey the eightf I am I am etc” with a cockney accent and as an adult I have even visited Hever Castle (Ann Boleyn’s childhood home, now the home of many beautiful statues originally from Italy).  It had never sunk in all this time that the Tudors and the Boleyns were real people and that “‘enerey” was in fact an English Monarch.

Akashic Energy and the nature of ideas

Now as an Akashic Records Reader I have a different perspective on history and its’ affects. It’s in our energy fields and in the collective consciousness of the planet.

I’d go so far as to say if we don’t become aware of our own history then we may not just be destined to repeat it, but relive it.  The energy is quite literally in the ground of our being, where we live, co-exist and create our own memories.

I don’t want to relive, live with or regenerate the energy of Henry VIII thank you very much.

Henry VIII – off with your head!

Just imagine staring into Henry’s cold heavy-lidded eyes today. He was a man who became corrupted by power (nothing new there) and also had the power to fell people at a stroke – the stroke of an axe or sword to be precise.

He was a thug and a sociopath, there’s no two ways about it – and a sexual predator too!  What woman is going to say no to a man who could throw them and their families into the Tower of London – never to be seen again?

Many of the families that ended up with money and wealth were Henry’s fellow thugs – those that would act upon his behalf – be his ‘men’ – and kill and torture at his command.  It’s a sobering thought.

Henry VIII’s ideas – good at the time

One of my Akashic Records teachers, Linda Howe, often talks about ‘good ideas at the time’.  I love working with this concept in the Akashic Records.

For example – in “‘enery’s” day it was a ‘good idea’ to have a son who succeeded his father in the Royal Line.

Women were believed not to be able to rule as well as men, nor speak out over men’s opinions or in most cases have their own lands or money.  In fact, Henry VIII was so set on this ‘good idea at the time’ that he forcibly removed two wives from their queenly thrones in order to marry a third who finally gave him his longed-for son.

(Just as an aside, the first wife died a pauper after leaving her home country, Spain to become an English Queen…the second wife, Ann Boleyn, was murdered along with her brother and other good friends in order for Henry to have his way).  Ironic to think that both those can still happen to wives to this day.

Many women and men have lost their lives on the altar of a ‘good idea at the time’

In Henry VIII’s case the final irony was that his ‘illegitimate’ daughter, the ‘bastard’ Elizabeth (illegitimate children being called bastards – another good idea at the time) become Queen after her older half-sister Mary died having become queen.

Elizabeth reigned effectively for many years and trumped Henry VIII in both popularity and inspiring leadership too – although that didn’t stop her having to kill a few people on the way also.

Do you know a Henry VIII?

Do you know somebody who is

  • overbearing, controlling, touches women inappropriately
  • shows little or no attention to their children
  • shows murderous rage if crossed?
  • Has a huge ego?


This energy and these life themes are still out there and sadly being lived by many people on the planet in 2015

In many societies, cultures and situations women still submit to men by

  • believing that their value lies only in their appearance and allowing their bodies to be objectified
  • supporting men financially or give men all their belongings and money
  • allow men to make all the decisions even if they are better placed to make them, for fear of backlash or other reasons…
  • hoping to give their man a son to please him and subtly feel that boy children are more prized than girls?


Interesting, isn’t it?

As Akashic Energy workers (we all have an Akashic Record and we can all learn to read them for ourselves) – let’s work on clearing the energy of Henry VIII and other sociopaths from the planet and from our Akashic Records. They may have had ‘good ideas at the time’ but they no longer serve us today.

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