How to continue the Spiritual Journey when you have children

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How to continue the Spiritual Journey when you have children

Mom On A Spiritual Journey

How to continue the Spiritual Journey – when the children come along?

This great question from a potential client recently.

Hi Sarah! I found your page because I am the mom of a one year old and I feel like since I’ve become a mom my spiritual journey has been thrown off course.


I love being a mom but still don’t know how to fit in the things I love to do.


I’m realizing there are very few aspects in my life that I have consciously created and want to shift into a more aware state. Thank you in advance!!

What a great question and thank you for visiting my site!

I completely get it. As a mother of 13 year old and 11 year old girls (17 months apart) I remember all too well the differences in my life – and my perception of spiritual life – as my girls appeared.

How do I do my yoga practice?  My tai chi practice?  My meditation?  Or whatever else it is that we do…and the baby is crying, I need to fix dinner and fold laundry.

Children and responsibility

When my oldest was just 9 months old my husband helped me go to a Kryon conference.  It was a big awakening for me and I also found out through spirit that I was pregnant with my second child!

The theme of the conference was all about responsibility…and a few months later I realized why the theme was for me. I needed to learn more responsibility in my life…and for my children.

Years later, working on it still but know that I am a better person spiritually, emotionally and am more mature BECAUSE I have children.

Our children are here for a reason

So, from my Akashic work I have learned that – we are perfect just as we are, we call in our children as part of our spiritual contracts and they call us in too. We agreed to this!

Think on these questions….

How can spirituality become a greater part of my life now that I have a child?


What are the spiritual reasons why this child was born into my life?


One of my answers regards my younger child (who is a spiritual medium like me)…is that

“We are here to experience spirit in living form, to be awakened, enlightened spirits together.”

It’s an amazing experience and continues to be so.

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