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Ancestral DNA Repatterning or Light Lattice Repair within the Akashic Records

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Ancestral DNA Repatterning or Light Lattice Repair within the Akashic Records

ancestral dna repatterning

ancestral dna repatterning

Ancestral DNA Repatterning, or Light Lattice Repair

Lately I have been noticing some new techniques appearing within my Akashic Records Reading work for clients – one in particular is Ancestral DNA Repatterning, or Light Lattice Repair.

This journey has been going on actively for me since 2010 and the work itself never ceases to amaze and awe me with the potential for change, healing or even the simplest of results as an uplifting sensation for myself and for clients whilst working together with the Akashic Energy.

I feel blessed to be able to do this work and continue to study hard, to help increase my connection to the Akashic Records for clients and to grow my own intuitive skills for the same reason. I often describe the Akashic Records Readings that I give as a three-way telephone conversation.

The Akashic Light or Grid connects with me (anyone can do it with focused practice and intention), I connected my Heart Energy to the clients’ Heart Energy and then the clients’ Akashic Guides start chiming in. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with their conversation and relay to the client at the same time!

Spiritual Mentoring Work

I also work with mentors, I have a colleague who lives in Vancouver, BC that I have known for years and we often support each other in our spiritual work. I told him about this latest technique that has been coming in during readings and that I was thinking about designing a course to promote it – which I am now doing!

My colleague suggested that I publish the technique now on the blog anyway – because some people will be able to act on it from the written word and receive a benefit, so here goes. When Spirit speaks, it’s good to pay attention!

The technique is ‘labeled’ Ancestral DNA repatterning, or Light Lattice Repair, within the Akashic Records

Maybe I’ll come up with a snappier name once I have finished developing all the course material. I know other practitioners use this name for sessions they offer, since I googled it to check. Yet, that is what is happening within my Akashic Records work so I need to use those words for now.

For those of you that enjoy a little spiritual adventure, here goes.

When you have a quiet moment, meditate on the following questions and journal your answers. Ask to connect with your Spirit Guides, any Akashic Guides that may be ready to step in and work with you, any Angelic Beings you work with or energies of the Light.

What am I ready to heal from my past or my ancestral past, or even my Past Lives?

Big question I know. I suggest the following writing prompts to get you going…

When I think about my current life family, what are the issues that need healing for me?

I have issues with a person in my family who_______________________________

I wish I could do better with my own behavior when__________________________________

I am ready to heal or clear ___________________________from my present family grouping.

Is there anything from my ancestral line coming up for clearing presently?

Can I be guided to memories or thoughts that offer the opportunity to heal or clear any restrictions or blocks in my ancestral line?

Write down a list of any intuitive hits you get.

From my Past Lives on Earth, what energetic restrictions or blocks have been carried forward with me into this life that are now presented for healing?

Write down another list of intuitive hits.

It’s fine whatever you get. It may come in as words, visions, voices, a ‘knowing’ or ‘sense’ or even a flashback or connection with old memories. Just journal it all down and look it over.

Then ask ‘Where in the body do I feel these blocks, restrictions, issues _______________ (fill in the blank).

You may receive a strong body sense, even get emotions coming up, breathe through them as best you can and imagine each area of the body where these feelings or sense of something residing as a white point of light. You may receive one of these sensations or emotions, or several, whatever is right for you will appear.

Continue to imagine, think about or allow these white points of light to glow and become incandescent, lighting up the areas of the body where they reside. Notice how you feel and keep breathing.

Check in and see how you feel after a few minutes. Has your mood changed? Do you feel you got some energy moving?

After this I would highly recommend a deep meditation technique such as Yoga Nidra or Transcendental Meditation to really release any cleared energies from the body.

Let me know what you think of this exercise and any results you get!

In the light

Sarah xx

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