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My 5 favorite comments left by you on this blog and why I like them

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My 5 favorite comments left by you on this blog and why I like them

5 favorite comments

My 5 favorite comments left on this blog since July 2010!

What’s wonderful about my 5 favorite comments and many others from the 900 or so comments on this blog is that

  • they are all learning resources
  • we can all learn from others’ viewpoints
  • validation of spiritual experience can help us all grow.

So I thought it was time to publish my 5 favorite comments on this blog so far!

Please, everyone keep commenting on the posts here so that we can all keep learning and growing.

1. Highly Sensitive People and allergies – from my 5 favorite comments

My first big ‘aha’ was from a post I published in January of 2013, Are You Highly Sensitive? See if this resonates. I discussed my youngest daughter having colic and being unable to soothe her when she was a baby. Ursula Stouffer wrote and commented

I am extremely sensitive in the same ways. I also have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and those sensitivities are very common in Aspies.

By the way, colic is ALWAYS caused by food intolerance. Some of my grandchildren had it, and when the mothers took the offending foods (in one it was dairy, in another gluten, corn and oats as well as dairy) out of her diet, so the allergens wouldn’t end up in the breast milk, the colic stopped completely.

My second oldest had colic, and cried every night for several hours. Eventually it stopped. But now we know she is intolerant to gluten, nuts and sugar.

Now I know that both my children are allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, and several other foods. Ursula was so wise in her advice and her knowledge. Perhaps that goes with the territory of being a grandmother.

For anyone reading this – if your baby is experiencing colic, it may be due to allergies. At the time I removed several items from my diet and the colic reduced but did not go completely. I’m not allergic to nuts so didn’t even think about removing those from my diet.

2. Discovering clairaudience, or clear-hearing from my 5 favorite comments

On 21st May 2012 I wrote this post Developing Your Intuition – Clairaudience, or ‘Clear-Hearing – the Inner Voice and some ways to hear it. This post remains very popular on the blog even today 4 years later, so I’m sure it’s still helping a lot of people.

Trisha commented and said

I just stumbled upon your website and read the definitions of a clairaudient. When I was 5 years old, I began to see and hear my spirit guide, children’s spirits and sometimes ghosts. With the good comes the bad, I also heard not so friendly spirits. Really nasty ones.

I shared this experience with my mother and my grandfather. My mom did not take it so well. She had the house blessed and told me not to speak about my guide nor the spirits talking to me during the night. To top everything off, my mom sent me to Sunday School.

However, my grandfather reacted quite differently. He came to my room, as I remembered it, and said that sometimes spirits visit us to play with us and to talk to us because we can see and hear them. That I should not tell people who are afraid of the spirit world. I told him that I seen a strange older man in my closet. He smiled and said, “Is he mean or nice?” I replied, “he just stands there with a halo over his head. He looks ancient and he speaks to me in my head.” My grandfather smudged the room and spoke to the spirit guide and the others not to scare me and to only come around when I feel comfortable. He smiled and nodded…

But, one day, I mistakenly revealed to my mother that I saw spirits in the house. She just said: “don’t talk about this anymore.” I knew that she saw them also but, I think she just didn’t want to deal with all of this. .. I closed my gift off for good, or at least I thought. Until I started reading spiritual books and listening to spiritual teachers, I wanted to hear and see my guide and the other spirits again…

During my second year of university, I read Sonia Choquette’s Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths and was really curious about meditation techniques, especially the one chapter about how we found her spirit guide, Dot. I don’t think this was coincidence. I re-read the passage many times.

Anyways, suffice it to say, I was awakened that day. Ever since that day, I have been hearing my two spirit guides and other spirits loud and clear. What am I doing with this gift? I used to read tarot and give readings but, I have been too busy to pick it up until today.

I just wanted to share my story. I hope this helps you out!

(This comment has been edited for ease of reading).

Thank you Tricia so much for being so candid and sharing your experiences of connecting with your Spirit Guides, plus giving us such a great book recommendation! We can all grow and learn from each other’s journeys.

3. Having premonitions, being sure we are having premonitions from my 5 favorite comments

Having premonitions can be scary sometimes. Many people have found this post useful, How do I know if I’m having premonitions or psychic experiences – 3 Keys to greater awareness. It’s still viewed regularly on the blog, originally published April 13 2013.

Many of the comments share the discomfort and fear of losing Loved Ones. Mariaan wrote

I think I’ve had a few premonitions in my life as well. Although I’m not completely sure if they count as premonitions. Could you please help me make sense of it? The first one I can remember started to happen when I was 18 years old. At night I would wake up at a certain time and my cellphones screen light will go on and then off again. It would repeat for about 5 min and then it would be gone.

At first it only happened during the night but became more frequent and started happening during the day as well. I thought there was something wrong with my phone, but no one could find anything wrong with it. I also have to mention the bad feeling I got each time it happened.

It got worse over time and I just somehow knew it had something to do with death. This kept going for about two months and suddenly stopped when my Uncle died. The next time I had such a bad feeling was before I was in a car accident. About a minute before the accident I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to be in the car and had a strong urge to open the door and get out. Before a second car accident, I had this feeling again. This time I was about to drive. I was standing in my living room about to leave when I had the feeling that I shouldn’t get in behind the steering wheel. Is there any advice you can give me? Can you tell me more about what this is and how I can better “manage” it for the lack of a better word.

Thank you for the help..

Mariaan expresses the thoughts and experiences of many readers here who struggle to understand why we need to receive so many apparently negative premonitions

I have been through the same struggle myself and would say that it gets a lot easier when we learn to embrace our own gifts, widen our bandwidth on the Spirit Radio frequency and learn that we are receiving many messages, all the time. Some of them are about transition and death, but many are about being open to new opportunities also.

4. The cold, hard, ugly truth about spirituality – from my 5 favorite comments

The spiritual journey can be tough and can result in more life changes than we may expect or even be ready for. This recent post from April 2016 is very popular – The cold hard ugly truth about spirituality.

One of the points I make in the post is that as our vibration shifts, friends, and even close relationships may change or fall away.

Delmar comments

Great post, Sarah! Love the quote about friends. I’ve experienced this on my own journey, but I would consider that the pros outweigh the cons in my own personal experience.

The insights we receive on humanity and this planet can be shocking and disheartening at first, but I would say, again from personal experience, that living the spiritual life and continuing on one’s path through whatever practice one does, compassion, empathy, non attachment, and sublime appreciation for the unity of it all flowers in a flash and the more that underlying unity comes to the forefront, the quicker we forgive others’ blindness and inabilities and more importantly our own shortcomings as well.

I’m speaking from that place of unity of course but on a moment to moment level, that practice continues!

Delmar wisely reminds us that no matter how difficult the spiritual journey can be, we simply need to carry on our practices in order to overcome any obstacles on the path.

5. Top 3 Resources for Empaths – last of my 5 favorite comments (for now!)

This blog post, My Top 3 resources for Empaths published in September of 2015 still gets a lot of views and helps empathic people to recognize their behavior – how it affects us and others around us.

Empathic people make up a large chunk of the population, Elaine Aron’s work with Highly Sensitive People (The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You) shows that HSPs make up 15% of the population, empathetic people may be more or less than that, we don’t even know yet.

Being an HSP is about being neurologically sensitive, but HSPs may be empathetic too!) It’s such a new area, no real facts and figures are available yet, no wonder we struggle with our gifts.

Nina Kaur puts this discovery into words for all of us on the journey of the Awakening Empath.

I never really understood the notion that we have energy boundaries. I never really thought of myself as an empath until I read this article. I consider myself very spiritual, however I don’t consider myself as understanding and compassionate as I should be. Yet, when it comes down to it, I feel things too much, my own and others. Sometimes to the point that I have trouble functioning. I need to know my boundaries. Thank you for illustrating that.

Thanks Nina for commenting and summing up the experience of many empaths who are totally overwhelmed and wonder why they are drained and exhausted all the time, not knowing that how an Empath manages their own energy has a lot to do with it.

Thank you as always for all your comments!

I hope you find this blog post useful and informative. See below for book resources related to this post. As always, thank you for your comments and please keep commenting on this blog – you never know who you may be helping out.

In the light



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