Violet Flame Shaking Practice Exercise

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The Violet Flame Shaking Practice Exercise

Published through the Client Portal February 22nd, 2021

Here is your energy exercise for February 2021.

It’s a standing-up energy practice and very simple to do.

If you can’t stand, as long as you are on a very stable or solid chair, you can do this exercise sitting down as well.

Once you have learned this exercise, you can choose to do it with any type of music you like, or in silence, if you prefer.

Make sure there are no trip hazards!

Sometimes the Violet Flame Energy will make you feel pretty active while you are doing this, so it’s important to give yourself a clear space to practice within.

Move the coffee table out of the way if necessary, and anything else that might cause a trip hazard!

Then, you can get started and enjoy your practice.  Feel free to share this link with friends and family if you like!




Inspired by: Mastery: The Path of Inner Alchemy

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