How the Akashic Records work can help in our everyday life

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

How the Akashic Records work can help in our everyday life

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The Akashic Records as a Spiritual Practice

The Akashic Records.  Yes, yes, that’s all very well, lovely spiritual experiences and all of that…what about REAL life?

I get it, I do.  We all have busy lives and stuff to do.  So how can some of this ‘woo woo’ stuff be truly helpful in a practical way?

Practical Mystics love the Akashic Records work too!

When I first became a practitioner in the EMF Balancing Technique® work I always liked my teacher’s approach – that of the practical mystic.

Everyday uses and applications for mystical and other-worldly practices.

For example, a simple energy grounding exercise to help us all be more present.  Now THAT is practical.

The deeper I have studied the Akashic Records work and helped clients with issues, the more practical, useful and grounded the work becomes

During my studies I participated in a course with Dr Linda Howe called ‘Your Extraordinary Life through the Akashic Records’*

*As taught by Linda Howe.

We studied aspects of ourselves taken from knowledge within the Akashic Records which make up something called our 5 pillars.

They are…

  1. Incarnation
  2. Authority
  3. Discipline
  4. Responsibility
  5. Commitment

Ooh.  These can be fairly knotty subjects to review.

If any of these make you cringe or want to look away…then they may just be one of your weaker or more eroded energetic pillars.

In the Akashic Records work these 5 pillars help drive our Heart Mind and Will energetically speaking

Okay, so a bunch of spiritual concepts here – where’s the practical part?

So, one of my ‘eroded’ or weaker pillars during this course was Authority.

I had to laugh, since I’ve always been one of those people who say

I have trouble with Authority!


What my Akashic Records had to say about my problems with Authority

In a nutshell, through opening my own Akashic Records and working with another student (as originally taught by Linda Howe) I discovered the following Story, Causes and Conditions and Soul Level Truths behind my ‘issue’ with Authority.


My issue is I feel that I know a lot more than those in authority and that I can already ‘see’ the answers whilst they are meandering along.

It makes me impatient!  Also I’ve had trouble being disciplined with other areas of my life than work, lately, leaving the house dusty…not cleaning and tidying as I normally do.

Causes and Conditions~

I need to ensure that I keep up my Spiritual practice and make it a regular part of daily life… ‘clean up, love up’.  Do what I do best to love myself.

I’ve been ‘the boss’ in quite a few other lifetimes and this lifetime’s dynamic is about learning that ‘leadership really CAN be service.

Soul-Level Truth – awakening to essential goodness~

This situation is allowing me to learn to extend compassion and reduce the ‘charge’ of reacting to authority or having to deal with people in authority.

Many people have to assume authority before they have had a chance to learn life lessons which would help them in the role.   Authority is multidimensional and I have many skill-sets that can be used to help others.

~ The three levels of a reading, Story, Causes and Conditions, Soul-Level Truth — As identified in “How to Read the Akashic Records” by Linda How 2009, Sounds True, Inc.”

The Akashic Records work is helping me see the blessings in embracing Authority

So, I need to learn to curb my impatience with others in authority.

While I’m busy rushing ahead, I may be missing the nuggets of wisdom being offered to me along the way.

I am learning to extend more compassion to those who have to wear the mantel of authority and understand that many people are put in the position of assuming authority before they are ready for it.

Sounds pretty practical to me.  What do you think your Akashic Records may teach you?

I offer Akashic Records Readings>>>

We can focus specifically on your 5 pillars using these Readings to gain clarity about your strengths and how to clear and renew any unhelpful energy patterns.

You need to be age 18 or over to receive an Akashic Records Reading. Sarah is a Certified Advanced Practitioner with the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies.

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