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Sacred Geometry and the Spiritual Journey

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Sacred Geometry and the Spiritual Journey

sacred geometry
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What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is the study of forms that repeat in specific patterns.  These patterns, when grouped together, form a coherent whole.  This whole geometric form that is repeats a pattern that is balanced or harmonious in some way.

This whole form may point to mathematical, structural, or even metaphysical laws in action.

Some examples of sacred geometry can be seen in a pattern known as the Flower of Life.  Within our spiritual practice, we can meditate on the visual patterns created by various forms to enable us to: –

  • create a connection to the creative source
  • focuses our meditations on different forms of sacred geometry.  As a result of meditation like this, we may experience new internal responses or thoughts.
  • open our minds to wider questions, such as the nature of the structure of the universe.

Something to meditate upon if we really want to increase our sense of wellbeing!

Here’s a Youtube video that is a good example of sacred geometry, the Flower of Life.  This video demonstrates how sacred geometry work can become a meditative tool.  It uses the flower of life as the starting point for meditation.

Geometry in Nature

sacred geometryThe Nautilus shell is one of the most well-known forms of sacred geometry in nature.

This shell is created by a sea creature, a cephalopod called a Nautilus.  It’s a distant cousin of squids, octopi, and cuttlefish.

The cephalopod grows in an exact repeatable form.  This is because it expands by a precise amount when it grows inside its’ shell.

The growth of the Nautilus creates a shell that forms as a logarithmic spiral.  The proportions of this spiral are mathematically perfect.

Honeybees create honeycombs using a hexagonal growth pattern.

How did the honeybees decide on the hexagonal shape?  How do they keep repeating the hexagonal shape so easily?  A great question to meditate upon!

Sacred Geometry as an aspect of Spiritual Practice

Ancient geometric forms have long inspired artists.  A Yantra is a geometric form that we can use for meditation purposes.  These Yantra forms create the basis for mandalas in many spiritual traditions.

A Yantra is a more complex concept.  It’s definitely more complex than a simple geometric form.  Combined with the triple energies of thought, spirit, and action, it becomes a tool to help us grow.


 Yantra literally means a machine.

A machine is a combination of very purposeful forms.

(To understand this better, think of this example). 

A computer is a product of our minds.  (In order to) multiply 1736 with 13,343, we reach for a calculator – a yantra.

This calculation is of course possible in the mind.  In this case, this purposeful form or yantra allows us to use our body in a much better way.

Even though you already have the body – the most sophisticated yantra – with you.  (With a calculator) it is possible to perform different types of activities better with specific machines for those activities.

One of the original Yantras was the triangle.  Many geometric forms use the triangle as a base.

Geometry that is intentional – just an idea or the stuff of the Universe?

From the perspective of sacred geometry, this is a really big question.

The ancient Greeks studied the nature of platonic solids extensively (Plato).

Platonic solids are significant in a specific way.  Plato’s solids demonstrate a specific mathematical ratio when their shape is surrounded by a sphere (Euclid).

Plato assigned elements to some of the platonic solids in an attempt to understand these ratios.  This may have been an early intuitive attempt to interpret the nature of matter through geometry.

This was definitely a groundbreaking idea!  Now, in modern science, we understand that the structure of atoms and molecules is geometric in nature.

The nature of the shapes created by platonic solids inspired Plato to suggest the following ideas.  He connected the cube to the earth element, the octahedron to the element of air, the icosahedron with water, and the tetrahedron with fire.

Ideas, theories, and research into the seemingly magical nature of these shapes continue to this day.

We talk about the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and refer to the Akashic Records or ‘ether’ as the 5th element.  The fifth element in Plato’s time was the dodecahedron, a solid with 12 facets.  The word dodecahedron also has 12 letters!

Many theories currently abound on Plato’s solids.  Some writers in the alternative field, such as David Wilcock, suggest that the nature of matter at the infinitesimal level is geometric in nature and in fact that the tetrahedron is the building block of all matter in the Universe.

The effects of meditating with sacred geometric forms

sacred geometryA few months ago I took part in a meditation retreat in Mount Shasta, CA.  One of the meditations we worked with involved a sacred geometric form called a Stargate.

Created by Prageet Harris, the original Stargate was first made out of copper pipes.  Since creating several different prototypes, Prageet has been traveling worldwide for nearly 30 years now with a portable version of his Stargate, giving meditative workshops.

I now use the Stargate in some of my Akashic Reading work to help clients open to higher vibrational energies.  I don’t know exactly how it works as yet but the results are very interesting and enlightening.

Clients have interesting reactions to the Stargate.

Meditating with a smaller model of this form definitely opens the consciousness to different states of mind.

It’s also possible to experience powerful visual images as a result of the third eye opening during meditation with the Stargate.

I have a smaller version of the Stargate (extremely portable) and when I show it to clients and we work with it, there are always interesting and enlightening experiences occurring.

The meditations clients experience are blissful, powerful, and inspiring and often involve images of Ascended Masters, such as Quan Yin and the Buddha.

If you have a favorite practice involving Sacred Geometry, feel free to share it with me in the comments below.

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