How to prepare for your Akashic Records Reading

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How to prepare for your Akashic Records Reading

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How to get the most out of your time when having an Akashic Records Reading

If you’ve read this blog for a  while now you will know that since 2010 I have learned to read the Akashic Records, both for myself and for clients.

Reading our Records can be a wonderful Spiritual Practice.  The information can range from being spot on and current to deep and somewhat ‘meaty’!

In my experiences of reading for clients so far, I’ve also become aware that the energy of the Akashic Records is transmitted from the Reader to the client, often by voice.

This is why a lot of clients like having a 1-1 reading, either personally or via a video or chat service like Zoom.

So if you’re considering having an Akashic Records Reading

How to prepare?

If you are taking the time and personal resources to have a reading, think of it as a little like an interview.

It’s beneficial for yourself and the Reader to prepare a little ahead of time.

What I do (as the Reader) is: –

Much like anything else, really, a meeting with the boss, giving a presentation, heading to work!

How to prepare for YOUR Reading?

How to prepare for your Akashic Records Reading as the client?

It’s by no means required to steer clear of alcohol in the manner that I do as a reader – but it is a great idea!

Once I gave a demonstration of energy work to a group.   Two people had to exit the room with buzzing heads and a headache during the talk.  (They had taken a drink before coming along!).

This type of reading is an energetic event


  • Ideally – avoid alcohol at least for the day of your reading
  • drink plenty of water before and after the reading
  • take a moment to get grounded before you connect with me
  • read the document I will send you beforehand, to help you focus on the questions you want to ask.
  • turn up on time!
  • check that your tech works beforehand.


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


To have an Akashic Records reading, you must be over 18 years of age.

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