Energy work for everyone – moms, dads and families included – an online interview with Dr Norm Shealy

Energy work for everyone – a simple introduction

I watched this video of Dr Norm Shealy being interviewed at the A.R.E recently (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and thought it was a great resource to share on this site.

He’s a medical doctor who truly believes that energy work is for everyone!

Who is Norm Shealy?

Dr Norm Shealy is a medical doctor who decided to specialize in pain management, and along the way found that his patients got relief from many other forms of alternative healing practices, including crystal work.

Here’s some more information about his earlier book, Medical Intuition, Awakening to Wholeness, from my Using Crystals page.

What is the ARE (Association of Research and Enlightenment)?

The A.R.E was originally founded by Edgar Cayce, a psychic and medical intuitive (1877-1945) who was able to put himself into a light sleep, or trance, and help read for clients with health problems and other life issues.

The A.R.E. continues today in Virginia Beach, VA on the original site where Edgar Cayce, his family and work colleagues set up their hospital to help people heal from various illnesses diagnosed with Edgar Cayce’s help.

All Edgar Cayce’s readings (he was also known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’) were written down and reproduced for others to study.  Many of his suggested healing methods are still in use today.

I’m a member of the A.R.E. and that’ where I initially received my reflexology training at the Cayce-Reilly school of Massotherapy.



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