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ego reactions

How to manage ego reactions when accessing your Akashic Records

How to manage ego reactions when working in your Akashic Records It can be exciting to start a new spiritual path, often though we don’t realize that ego reactions may cause a few hiccups on the journey. Many clients who work with the Soul Star Reading are very excited to learn about their energetic blocks…
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Starseed Oracle Card Deck Review

The Starseed Oracle card deck is a beautiful deck with a high vibrational feel.

This deck is appropriate for meditative work as well as divination work, such as client readings or Akashic Records work.

Check out the blog post to learn more about this card deck. If you’d like a reading with Sarah and the Starseed Oracle card deck, just connect with her at the Client Portal by choosing Client Login from the menu.

enforced meditation

Enforced meditation during this pandemic

Like many people at present, I am working from home and experiencing periods of enforced meditation. I am currently offering readings from my home office only via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

Luckily, in my line of work energy is energy whichever way you slice it.   I can read your energy even from a social distance! (I only ever read energy with your permission, by the way).

Here is some information about the two most popular Akashic Records Readings I offer, plus 3 ideas to make a little more of our enforced meditation time at home.

sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry and the Spiritual Journey

What is sacred geometry? How can we grow our spiritual journey by the study of this subject? Sacred geometry can become an amazing meditation tool, as well as being studied as a thought-provoking philosophical experience. Here are some ways to work with sacred geometry on your particular path.

Soul knits – knitting for meditation

Have you ever thought of knitting something? Knitting is a peaceful and productive activity which can also result in the creative process…and you may even end up with a scarf! Who knew? Generations of people who love to knit…

Bestself journal

How to achieve your goals using a journal

How to achieve our goals? I love journaling but didn’t think a journal would help with goal-setting. Through a Facebook ad, I found the BestSelf Journal and goal-setting, journaling and achieving goals are now working much better for me. Check out this journal.

Mindfulness – have you ever had a conversation with your organs?

Have you ever thought of having a conversation with your insides? It can be a fascinating insight into a deeper connection with your body and inner systems. Organ talk is a fascinating meditation practice. Our bodies are the source of so much wisdom and as the vessels for our chi, life-force, spirit our soul, they know us intimately, so why not ask them?

The story of your life is never ordinary

What’s your story morning glory? Our stories may seem boring and everyday to us, if we are not famous or ‘interesting’. Yet the truth is we are all different, our fingerprints, our energy, even our Past Lives. Your story truly is extraordinary.

Akashic Records Reading

Autogenics – a simple way to meditate

Autogenics – odd name, easy way to meditate! If you’re new to the world of Personal Energy or hear others talking about Energy Work and wonder what it is…then you may be asking yourself where to start. I began to develop my own spiritual and energetic awareness is because I knew I didn’t feel good.…
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Mandala drawing and coloring – another tool for the Spiritual Journey

Mandala Drawing and Coloring A while back I learned how to be Drawsome on Mara Belzer’s excellent course. She introduced a group of us Spiritual Journeyers, would-be artists, or simply people wishing to relax and focus, to the benefits and simple processes of creating our own Mandalas. Mandala comes from an old Sanskrit word meaning…
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Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday – how to benefit from a silent meditation by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

It’s Thoughtful Thursday! ‘Thought’ I’d share one way that I like to meditate If you’ve read this blog before you may remember that I have a rescue dog called Pickle (dachshund). She may be small but she needs to get out and about daily.  We are fortunate to have a small strip of woods near…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

How to keep friends and keep the God space inside of you by Maya Angelou | Meditation Monday with Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Maya Angelou was on SuperSoulSunday this week! Featured in this week’s Meditation Monday The wonderful Maya Angelou appeared this week on SuperSoulSunday. I enjoyed every minute of the two shows and will be watching both again soon!  (Have them recorded on my DVR). Here’s a wonderful clip from one of the shows…just to give you…
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