Personal Energy – a surreal experience

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Personal Energy – a surreal experience

personal energy

Personal Energy – a surreal experience

As a Brit abroad on the Kansas Prairie, I am currently a Permanent Resident of the United States…meaning that I need a Green Card.

Last week was time for my first renewal, so after some online paperwork and fees I headed to my local USCIS office in Wichita, KS for ‘biometrics’.

It was surreal

There I was walking down a small city center street right by the Arkansas River, sun in the sky, wind blowing…then into the USCIS office and BAM.  Straight in the gut.

Standing in front of a desk and an Xray machine. One person to Xray my stuff, the other the guard, seated, arms crossed, radiating energy, fully armed.  A complete shift in Personal Energy from the outside in (if I wasn’t careful).

The energy shift was palpable

I had already taken some Rescue Remedy beforehand…since the energy of these places make me nervous.  (Similar to seeing a policeman…with the energy they carry I always begin to feel guilty and nervous…even though I haven’t done anything!!).

So they Xray my big mom bag. The lady says

“You have a lot of coins in there?”

I say

“I suppose so…it’s my mom purse”.


You name it, it’s in there…

So she asks me to show her the coins

I do, amongst the raggle taggle of stuff that moms carry.  She is trying not to laugh.

Energy of USCIS + soft Mom energy = Mom energy beginning to win them over

Even the guard seems to smile a little bit.

I smirk and say

“Sorry, it’s a Mom purse”.

She laughs some more.  I take my raggle taggle off the Xray machine.

I go into the office for processing

Without changing my facial expression or being irreverent of the nature of the duties of the place, the lady processing my application giggles a few times too.

If you haven’t had your fingerprints taken in a few years the technology has changed enormously. I was stunned and amazed and she found my comments very funny.

Then we were done. I headed out through the exit channel.


Back into mid-Western Kansas, the wind the sun and the Arkansas River. Time to collect my girl from my friend’s house.

And some people still think energy fields aren’t real…


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