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Please do NOT use homeopathy, it is OK with me, I really do not care!

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Please do NOT use homeopathy, it is OK with me, I really do not care!

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Do not use homeopathy – I use it…but you don’t have to!

It’s been three years now since I started this blog and began to write about alternative health, my experiences of homeopathy included.

There continues to be great personal growth for me, health and wellness for my family and myself (including an ex-military test-pilot husband who has learned a lot and even asks for the occasional homeopathic remedy).

Often though I’m accosted by people in the Online World telling me ‘Do not use homeopathy it’s not scientific and has not been scientifically proven to work!

Gasp!  Scientific and homeopathy in the same sentence! 

Quickly homeopathic Twitter trolls, roll out your liverish and rude complaints and knock back your cough syrup (you know, the one with the artificial colors, chemicals, sugar and pain relievers).

During that time I’ve also connected with some amazing people on the internet, some who have gone on to become closer friends.

It’s a blast!

So I really don’t care whether you use homeopathy or do not use homeopathy.

I love using it for personal health and wellness and so does my family, so do many clients who have come in contact with it and who choose to spread the word.

The word is spreading, my friends!

do not use homeopathy

Last one left at Target the other day, retailing at $9.49

Did you know that you can get homeopathic Arnica Gel in WALGREENs of all places now??!

Wow.  That wasn’t the case when I started writing.  And buying Oscillococcinum is an everyday event in Target, USA-ville.

So, I really don’t care about the recent Twitter ‘troll’ who first acted polite and then asked me why Arnica gel is ‘homeopathic’?  (Answer: it’s because it contains Arnica Montana 1X HPUS-7% – Arnica extracted using the homeopathic method.)

When I researched it and thanked him for the question, the personal attacks started.  Sigh.

I really, truly don’t care.

If you don’t want to use homeopathic products, don’t use them – do not use homeopathy!

Surf off from this blog and never come back.

I’ve never been in the business of changing anyone else’s beliefs, simply sharing my own and offering simple tips that work.  The personal attacks are ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I truly don’t care if you take it…or not…because it works for me.

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