Set up your computer browser for Spiritual Practice

spiritual practice

spiritual practice

A computer browser for spiritual practice?

Spiritual practice can be a part of your computer browser set up.  Odd but true.

I work in two places in my house. One is my ‘upstairs office’ at the dining table where I can work sporadically and do other household tasks, take care of the kids.

The other is my downstairs office where I give Akashic Records Readings.

In between readings I like to do something that grounds me, gets me back into my body and ensures that I am clear of one client’s energy before working with the next or finishing giving readings for a while.

Raise your vibration using your computer browser

I have a browser folder called ‘Raise My Vibration‘ and I put everything in there that I have found clears my energy quickly and effectively.

If there is a short time between readings then I often listen to music or a channeling which contains an energetic focus and helps clear my energy field for further spiritual practice.

Three of my favorites are…

Tuvan Throat Singing (Youtube)

Kryon Channels and audio (free resource at

936 Hz Pineal Gland Activator (Youtube)

Spirituality and Productivity?

This post was inspired by Nicola Avery writing at Problogger, who suggested using the Momentum App to keep up with personal goals during the work day on the computer.  I use Chrome and it works great on that browser.

Here’s the link to the blog post at Problogger.  Setting up your browser to increase productivity>>

I installed the Momentum app on Chrome today as Nicole suggests and really like it. For us spiritual types, we could add affirmations or meditative phrases quotes to the Momentum App page or set intentions for the work day.

Each time you click a new tab, up comes the App so that you are reminded and focused.  I added a few of my favorite links too.  Not too many!  That would involve yet more distraction.

Not to mention the NewsFeed Eradicator App for Facebook!

I’m trying that one out, too (a little reluctantly, but it helps me stick to just using groups and not getting involved in the newsfeed).

I use the BestSelf Journal to create my daily to-do list and set intentions.  My three main goals can easily be transferred to the Momentum App tab from my written journal every day.

Let me know if you have come up with any other great ideas to set up your computer browser for spiritual practice or more productive working practice.

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