I was trying to find a past life reader and both the times I looked it up on the internet, I was drawn to Sarah. I had a Soul Star Reading and it was incredible. I had a few blockages that I was able to clear up with a specialized 21-day prayer that Sarah put together for me. After completing the 21-Days, I felt like a huge weight had lifted off me. I have so much energy now and I am so happy with getting this reading!

I also went back for a Spirit Guide reading. This reading was also amazing! Sarah is very detailed, and she provides you with a lot of useful information. I am so happy with how my spiritual journey is progressing this far. She helps you with clearing blocks and clearing your karmic backpack. She also provides you with very detailed information regarding your spirit guides and how they help you on your journey. She is always there if you have questions, very kind and she is very knowledgeable. I would recommend Sarah to everyone I know.
Lots of love and light!