Restorative Spiritual Practice for the Holiday Season

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Restorative Spiritual Practice for the Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season and Restorative Spiritual Practice

This is the season where often we just go and go…and go again (moms especially!).

For the first time this year I find myself with a lot less energy than some of my best intentions demand.

  • I wrote a Christmas letter to friends and family this year and still haven’t completed sending it out.
  • The paper-chains I wanted to decorate with downstairs in our basement area are still sitting in the Christmas box for the second year running.
  • I had hoped to be further along with my house cleaning…and the list goes on.


Restorative spiritual practice?

Clients sometimes come to me feeling all used up.  I help them by working within the Akashic Records and I always receive amazing prescriptive lists for clients specific to their individual circumstances and resources – anything from suggested yoga practices, through to meditative or alternative health practice.

And when I open my own Records…I get my own prescriptive readings, too!   Although, that can be the hard part. Taking one’s own medicine is always more difficult than suggesting options for others.

This year’s recommendation is restorative spiritual practice!

As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) it’s important for me to clean and clear my energy and be aware of energetic overload.

Next week one of my favorite yoga teachers is offering us an hour of restorative practice. We will be headed to class with pillows, blankets and bolsters in order to learn ways to move our bodies…laying down…to relax and restore, for a whole hour! Now that might worry some people or put them off – I can’t wait.

I’ve also been guided to take a bath every night for a week…something I tend not to do regularly (errr that’s not TMI – I do shower!). A bath though has a completely different resonance and restorative feel.  Add some Epsom Salts and Essential Oils and float away…

It might be some time for the homeopathic remedy Coffea Crudum – great to slow down the spinning mind, especially at night.

This time of year is a great time to rest and restore (once the rush is over!)

Active restorative spiritual practice is so beneficial.  When I work my own feet using reflexology, this is the time of year when I find out I have what I call Christmas feet – my adrenal and kidney reflexes are overloaded.  I often notice the same issue with clients on the lead up to Christmas…it’s as if there are little pea-sized lumps at the location of the kidney reflex.  (These are just stuck energy, by the way).

There’s the zen saying….

You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless youre too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.

Well, I shall be taking my baths and heading to yoga next week with my blankets and bolsters.  What will you do to rest and restore?

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