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In praise of Arnica Gel and more info about ‘that Glee Episode’

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In praise of Arnica Gel and more info about ‘that Glee Episode’


Arnica Gel

Yesterday, I posted an entry about taking homeopathy seriously – here’s the link – and mentioned the Glee episode – I never saw the episode but saw a clip and remembered it…homeopathy being mentioned on a nationally syndicated program?

Synchronicity abounds

Today I received a newsletter from Dana Ullman’s site, with more information about that episode.  Dana Ullman regularly contributes to the Huffington Post on the subject of homeopathy.

Here’s the excerpt and link:-

“TV’s GLEE Loves Arnica!

In an episode of “GLEE” shown on January 25, 2011, one of the girl students held up a tube of topical ARNICA, and then gave it to a guy student who happened to have a black eye, saying, “Arnica, twice a day, it’ll help your bruise.” This episode is called “Furt.”

To see some photos of this episode (including a photo of the girl holding up the tube of Arnica) and see the precise dialogue, click HERE. If Arnica is good enough and mainstream enough for GLEE, I wonder which homeopathic medicine will be promoted next!”

Buying Arnica Gel

Here is a link to Dana Ullman’s online store where you can check out Arnica Gel, Arnica Ointment and Arnica Spray. also offer a range of Arnica products.  Click this link to check them out.

One of my many healing experiences with Arnica Gel

 I keep a tube of Arnica Gel on hand for the children’s bumps, sprains and bruises.  If you don’t use the links above, visit your local health food store and ask, they will probably have some.  If they don’t, mention this blog entry and Glee and ask them why not!!  🙂

In the fall of 2009, my two girls and I were out shopping for pumpkins, when Arianna, my youngest, decided to try and climb into the empty shopping cart whilst my back was turned.

The entire cart fell on her on a concrete path.  Luckily her head was actually hanging off the kerb after falling, or she would have bumped that too.  She was bumped and bruised all over, but the main injury was an egg-sized lump on one shin.

Act immediately with Arnica Gel

I took her straight home and applied Arnica Gel, with an ice pack on top and kept applying ice for an hour. 

The egg-shaped lump disappeared, along with her distress, and the remaining bruising went quickly with a twice daily application of the gel. 

It’s important to note that the skin was not broken, Arnica on open skin can sting quite powerfully.  I also gave her Arnica tablets internally for bruising, and this has worked wonderfully for me too under many different circumstances.  Here’s a few suggestions based on my experiences…

  • to reduce bleeding and bruising before having dental work (such as a root canal).  I was in a road accident when younger which resulted in extreme head trauma and the resulting nerve damage and regular requirement for dental work has been my cross to bear.
  • After childbirth.  Post-natal aches and pains can be relieved greatly by taking a recommended dose from a homeopath, with no side-effects to your baby if you are nursing.  Hmmn…I never had a C-Section, bet it would help there too (take guidance from a homeopath though).
  • Snapped or damaged tendons.  I broke a tendon that crosses the foot when I was younger – something to do with dancing too hard at a party :-0  – and my entire foot was bruised and black, including the sole.  Arnica Gel and homeopathic Arnica helped with the healing.
  • After joint surgery.  A friend’s son had knee surgery with post-surgical swelling that refused to abate.  He used the Arnica Gel with an IceMaster band and the physical therapist was convinced that he’d exercised the knee when he wasn’t supposed to…the swelling had reduced by 1/4 of an inch all the way around after a few days.

Do you have any Arnica Gel stories to share?

Feel free to send me your Arnica healing stories, I will post them!

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