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Why DNA Healing is Important For Our Health And Wellness

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Why DNA Healing is Important For Our Health And Wellness

DNA healing
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DNA healing – our personal pattern of archetypes

If you have been on the spiritual journey for a while, you may have researched DNA healing.

How does our DNA react to the environment around us, and do we carry forward unhealthy patterns in our DNA? 

These complex areas are now being researched via the new science of epigenetics, meaning ‘over’ genetics.

There are also different types of sound healing modalities that suggest we can heal our DNA through frequency work.

Human Design and our DNA Codons

Modalities like Human Design enable us to understand our DNA from the perspective of how our energy systems were programmed electromagnetically at the day, time, and location of our birth.

Human Design links our birthdate and time to the electromagnetic imprinting of our  DNA Codons by planetary influences. 

Codons are amino acids that are the building blocks of DNA.  Here’s a definition of codons from the Human Genome Project.

A codon is a DNA or RNA sequence of three nucleotides (a trinucleotide) that forms a unit of genomic information encoding a particular amino acid or signaling the termination of protein synthesis (stop signals).

There are 64 different codons: 61 specify amino acids and 3 are used as stop signals.   

National Human Genome Research Institute.

Our Human Design chart translates our DNA Codons into relatable patterns of conscious and subconscious behavior inherited through our parents and grandparents. 

We can even dive into how we act and react based on 64 energetic archetypes.

Genetic Karma through the Akashic Records

dna healing

When I work with clients in the Akashic Records, sometimes Genetic Karma is shown to be active.

When incarnated, we are existing in two streams of consciousness – that of the many lifetimes of the Soul, and the family line of DNA that we have chosen to incarnate into.

Past life karma related to actions and consequences in other lives can be cleared using specific energetic processes.

This gives us more ‘chi’ or life force energy in our present life because we are making a stronger connection to our Divine Soul Blueprint.

How do we clear Genetic Karma for DNA healing?

Genetic karma can be more complex and is often harder to clear.

We have inherited patterns that are not ours, yet these patterns are present consciously or hidden subconsciously in our DNA – simply because of the family we incarnated into.

I call it the ‘twin streams’.  Our Soul wants to work on experiencing life through past karmic patterns.  This means that often we have chosen a present life with similar genetic patterns.

This is why, when people experience a past-life awakening or a past-life reading, the themes, situations or circumstances can resonate.  Their DNA is reacting!

Genetic karma can be cleared to help DNA healing, but it takes longer than a past-life energetic clearing.

Often, genetic karma can involve deep patterns of trauma from more than one generation of our family.

Family history research can help with DNA healing

One way that we can begin the healing process is to research our family history.  This can be done quite easily in present times with organizations like Ancestry DNA.

TV shows like ‘Who Do You Think You Are‘ can take people back through many generations of family DNA history.

People often find resonance with the information they discover.  This helps us to understand ourselves better, sowing the seeds for future DNA healing.

For example, if we can change negative subconscious behavior patterns in our lifetime, the emotional environment we offer for our children to be born into also changes.

This book I reviewed, It Didn’t Start With You, by Mark Wolynn, helps explain this concept in more depth.

Our DNA reacts to our environment

Through the study of epigenetics, we are realizing that we can let go of some older beliefs around DNA. 

One such initial belief we have had in the past is that we are stuck with the way our inherited DNA works.

Research in the field of epigenetics shows us that the environment strongly affects how well our DNA reacts, functions, and expresses itself.

We can actually change the gene expression of our DNA to improve our health

This means that there are keys or switches that can be turned on, or off depending on our environment.  Our DNA literally reacts to the environment it finds itself in!

To understand this at a very simple level, look at how animals around the planet have adapted themselves to different climates. 

Animals can change their fur color based on climate or surrounding vegetation so that they blend in.  This is an evolutionary response to where an animal lives through its’ DNA.

For us humans, since we are able to alter our living environment, it’s becoming more and more important to make sure we don’t poison ourselves with environmental changes that affect our DNA.

If we don’t clean up our environment, more illnesses will result.   We will be passing these reactions to our environment through gene expression on to our children.

From the World Economic Forum: –

Our bodies are affected by a number of external environmental factors. Pollution tends to have the most obvious and severe negative effects, but other factors can affect our DNA and gene expression, which, in turn, affect our hormones and metabolic processes. According to Scitable, light and temperature can affect us as easily as drugs, food, and chemicals.

Does our consciousness level affect DNA Healing?

There isn’t scientific evidence of this, as yet, but many people are practicing healing meditations focused on their DNA.

Difficult environments (such as starvation in a family, war, or physical and emotional abuse) can affect a person at the biological level via their autoimmune system.

Do we want this ‘memory’ of stress, difficulty, or hard times passed down to our children?

Shadow work is a good way to begin.  We bring through Shadows in our DNA and live out their energy patterns in this lifetime.  We can learn to release them, but it takes work.

This is why it’s time to focus on our own DNA Healing!

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4 Responses

  1. Brandi lee Nettles says:

    Could this potentially be effectively blocking or stalling/changing my choices or reactions in and during my dark night of the soul? Spirits were flooding around me and then they started asking who is she? And now that I’m open to them they are leaving or scared saying she won’t leave and she is following you and karma is with me. Idk what to do. I have nothing left and the spirits kept me going and comforted once I knew what was happening.

    • Hi Brandi

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. DNA Healing is required for everyone on Earth in my opinion. We have carried so much trauma through so many generations, and this is affecting our health and wellbeing as a race. I believe some of the major problems with mental health currently relate to trauma and negative behavior that has been passed on through the generations. This traumatic load and refusal to reattune with our innate nature is causing people all sorts of problems and issues.

      It’s hard to know how to answer your question accurately without giving you a reading. First of all, everyone has karma to clear (it’s just a fact on planet Earth with all the issues that we have generated over the centuries). I would suggest that hardly anyone is karma free.

      When you experience the dark night of the Soul, often everything seems lost within your life, because room is being made for something new, whether it’s relationships, a change in location or a difference in lifestyle. Some people’s dark nights manifest as a heart attack or some kind of health issue that threatens everything. Some may experience the loss of a career, a nervous breakdown or a sudden or unexpected family death.

      What we do during these dark times really is key. Coming back to ourselves and the eternal nature of our Souls can help enormously. Learning our present Life Purpose and Life Lessons can also cast light on situations like this.

      There’s lots of free material on the blog, so please take a look around. You can also sign up for my free email learning series, which might help.

      Lots of light


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