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Its not Facebook and Twitter – its you! | Use Social Media for Activism | You now have great power and great responsibility

Sarah Lawrence - Energy Reader, Intuitive Coach, Business Creator

Its not Facebook and Twitter – its you! | Use Social Media for Activism | You now have great power and great responsibility

Facebook and Twitter Social Media

Facebook and Twitter – I’ve noticed people either love Social Media or hate it

Facebook and Twitter

Love it or hate it, Social Media has us going global

Facebook and Twitter? Truth is, love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay and is already influencing you – whether you like it or not.

Even the Weather Channel reported on Twitter trends during Hurricane Irene and now Ford Motors has recently been quoted as saying

“Ford doesn’t have a social media strategy — it’s a business strategy supported by social media.”

The above quote from Ford’s Scott Monty, Head of Social Media.

Read the full article here.  Thanks to Spiral 16 and Naomi Shapiro via Digital Wichita for the share on this one.

Social Media – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – all representations of US on Facebook and Twitter

From influencing democratic change in Egypt on Facebook, Andrew Wiener becoming well-known on Twitter after posting ‘photos’ and last but not leastmoms objecting to ad campaigns and having them removed by companies (Jessica Gottlieb, Motrin Ad Campaign 2008) – social media has an influence on us.

I believe one of the positive, powerful applications of Social Media, Facebook and Twitter can allow us all to make differences in and some cases become engaged in Social Media Activism for positive change.

For example, do you think the LA USD would have banned sugary flavored milk from all their schools with just Jamie Oliver putting pressure on them?

Or was the power of the parents and other caring parties using, Facebook, Twitter and Social Media as one of the catalysts, part of that change? (#foodrevolution on Twitter, on Facebook – Food Revolution Facebook Page).

We can love, hate or blame Social Media, Facebook and Twitter, but the truth is, they are all representations of US – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Time to set the filters to serve you with Facebook and Twitter, Social Media and Media of any kind

Facebook and Twitter

Media is now two-way

Back to that famous Oprah quote ‘Media is a Diet’.  Once we allow that diet into our living rooms via TV or our dens through computers, Wiis and other games the diet is going into our brains and our children’s brains too.

Like any diet, it’s up to us to choose what goes ‘in there’.  Media in itself has been a powerful tool for change – now that people can record videos on their phones, post videos on Facebook and influence Facebook and Twitter lists, media is becoming a two-way process.

No longer are we are not just ‘ingesting’ what the old media sent our way, we can filter it out and in some cases transform it altogether by requesting change and demanding full disclosure.

Simple Social Activism using Facebook and Twitter – with great power comes great responsibility

I believe it’s time to start thinking about how we can influence Social Media, the ‘new media’ and understand more fully how every one of us can effect positive change on this planet by making ourselves known.

Whether it’s simply asking for more healthy cereals to be stocked in your local store, like I did the other week through the Mom’s Best Naturals Cereals Facebook fan page (and they appeared – as if by magic!) or spreading awareness of the benefits of meditation with the Medmob movement, we now have the technology!

So (to make a quote attributed to the Spiderman Comics) “With great power comes great responsibility”.  How are you going to use your power and responsibility today?


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  2. Naomi says:

    I think it’s important for us, as parents, to learn how to use these tools because our kids are growing up with them as a fact of life– not as an option. The more responsibly we can teach them how to approach social networking and the media, the better. I remember reading McLuhan’s media books in high school and being astonished at just how insidious advertising is and how much I bought into it. Similarly, Roo reacted to a new marketing expose book I’m reviewing with “cool!” because the packaging was really slick. Bleh.

  3. Eric Melin says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Sarah! Social media is a great place to spread the word about causes and changing things for the better. Harder, though, is creating calls-to-action that work. That’s the golden goose, so to speak. Meanwhile, use your voice!

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