Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short | Great for catching flu-like symptoms early | Using homeopathy for flu and colds

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Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short | Great for catching flu-like symptoms early | Using homeopathy for flu and colds

oscillococcinum or oscillo

Oscillococcinum or Oscillo for short – hard to say, easy to use to help relieve flu-like symptoms

oscillococcinum or oscillo

Last one left at Target the other day, retailing at $9.49

Oscillococcinum, harder to say than to use, mostly shortened to ‘Oscillo’ by those in the know, is a homeopathic flu remedy.

Up until recently Oscillococcinum has not been so well known in the States, but is commonly used in over 50 other countries to help ease flu-like symptoms.

I’ve used Oscillo for several years now after a friend who is qualified as a homeopath recommended it to me.  The doses come in sugar pellet form in several little plastic tubes, you take the lid off one dose and pop all the sugar pellets in your mouth.

How I use Oscillococcinum or Oscillo at home with my family

For our family flu-like symptoms manifest as that itchy-scratchy feeling in the throat and slightly swollen lymph glands just under the jaw line, where the ears are.  If they complain of a sore throat I check the glands and do a visual check down the throat with a flashlight.

My children will actively ask for Oscillococcinum (and you can buy the remedy in the children’s size) so I give it to them when the symptoms initially present themselves.  Last year only one of my children was sick for more than a day during the ‘flu season’, and that was with the stomach flu.

If I think it’s necessary, I will keep them home from school for the day and encourage them to rest.  I know this is part of the healing, and difficult for a lot of people to do if both parents work, but I’m sure taking Oscillococcinum makes a difference.

Where you can buy Oscillococcinum or Oscillo and what’s it’s made from

As you can see from the photo above, you can now buy Oscillococcinum from Target, it’s also available at Walmart and some supermarkets (my local store – Dillons) plus health food stores (my local one is  Greenacres – the Wichita Store).

Now Oscillococcinum also available on Amazon!

Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic remedy, manufactured in extremely refined form from the heart and liver of a type of duck.  Strange, but true.

An extremely small amount of the original essence, or even some would say an imprint of the energy of the original substance is suspended in water and added to the sugar pellets.  For more about the history of homeopathy click here.

Here’s some more detailed information specifically about Oscillo also from Debby Bruck at the Homeopathy World Community website.  Here’s Boiron’s Oscillo website.

You can stock up on Oscillococcinum or listen to some more information about alternative remedies from a Naturopathic Doctor on this video

(Interesting to note – this video has been out for a few years and we are still dealing with some of the same concerns about neuro-toxins (for example, mercury) in the flu shot.)

Time to try Oscillococcinum or some other form of natural or homeopathic medicine, rather than the flu shot?

This is a very individual decision.  My (one) experience of the flu shot, which I took in my mid-twenties, was that I got sick with the flu for 4 weeks and had to take 2 weeks off work during the middle of an important project, and literally drag myself into work for the other 2 weeks, so I’ve never taken it again.

After the experience of my mum passing last year after receiving an (unnecessary H1N1) shot also, you can understand why I regard these shots with a great deal of concern. I have since found other wellness methods which work for me and mine, and stick with those.

“I don’t have health insurance and can’t afford the flu vaccine – where does that leave me?”

Whilst stocking up on my Oscillococcinum for the winter at Target the other day, the person working at the checkout commented on my purchase.

I explained what it was, and she was interested.  This lady was in a position where she couldn’t afford the flu shot and didn’t have health insurance.  She decided to go and take a look for herself.

I mentioned that she’d better be quick…there was only one pack left!

Oscillococcinum Coupons, download and print – then buy Oscillococcinum or other Boiron products with money off!

Oscillococcinum/Oscillo downloadable coupon click here

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6 Responses

  1. Candace says:

    Have you noticed how they are PUSHING the flu shot? Big signs and ads everywhere.
    My elderly parents just will NOT listen to me, get all the shots they can, they have been 100% indoctrinated.

    Interestingly enough while my mom thinks chemical pills solve every problem, Dad sees through that one! But when it comes to vaccinations, he puts that in a different category.

    Thanks for the great article


    • Hi Candace,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! It’s a difficult decision for a lot of people. A colleague has found information on a great MD, Dr Larry Palevsky http://www.drpalevsky.com/ who is speaking out about vaccines and looking at the history of vaccinations in a different way. For so many doctors, it’s an emotionally loaded issue, because they have vaccinated people for a long time and been trained that this is a good thing to do – and now they’re being told they might have been putting their patients in danger? It’s a huge shift – Dr Palevsky says that through his research he believes Smallpox is the only vaccination which can be scientifically proven to have had a complete effect on our wellness. Will be writing more about his work another time!


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