What is a Soul Connection? How Soul Connections show us who we are and help us heal

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What is a Soul Connection? How Soul Connections show us who we are and help us heal

Soul Connection

What is a soul connection?

A deep feeling of recognition when you meet for the first time…

Shared experiences and goals even though you’ve recently met…

Similar, or completely opposing background stories and upbringing that somehow open your hearts to each other and create an even deeper soul connection…

An opportunity to grow…

A chance to see life through another’s eyes when they already seem to have a deep understanding of you, and who you really are…

Peaceful bonding, deep friendship, if it’s a romantic soul connection, maybe a passionate affair, a long term relationship, even marriage.

That’s what some people experience with a soul connection.

Sometimes making Soul Connections are just not that easy!

Perhaps at the beginning, when you are in harmony and resonance with your soul connection and they you – magic happens all the time…

And then…

Something snaps, breaks, shifts or falls away and you are left with disillusionment, or perhaps a different relationship than the one you thought was happening.

If it’s a romantic soul connection, it’s make or break time.

Whats going on here!!??  Why was I led to believe I had this deep soul connection?

Perhaps you still do…it’s just that when you meet somebody and are drawn to them in this way, you can find yourself opening a whole can o’ worms spiritually speaking.

You see, with a soul connection, one of you is the key and the other, the lock. You fit perfectly, life is beautiful…and that lifelong yearning you have had for something ‘more’ seems to have been fulfilled with the arrival of this person.

Heaven on Earth! Or perhaps not ALL the time…

Soul Connections have a lot to do with personal healing

We meet and connect energetically with the people we most need to be our mirrors and help us heal.

It doesn’t sound as romantic and exciting as a soul connection…and yet can be a whole lot more rewarding.

For example, perhaps you had a distant father when you were a child, or a distant mother?  Then it’s very likely that a partner who remains emotionally distant from you may turn up on the scene (after the initial excitement wears off, that is).

You are returned to the same feelings of inadequacy and desperation that you experienced as a child.

What’s happening is that your soul connection is holding up a mirror…they are just doing their job to help you heal

How are you going to deal with the relationship this time?

Simply being purely lovable is not going to win the other person over, they are used to being distant.

You will need to dig deeper into your own Inner Wisdom and revisit the past, one last time.

Why are you here for your Soul Connection’s healing?

What might be up for healing in their life as you mirror the behavior, circumstance or attitude they want to face the least?

As we begin to move towards energetic awareness, the healing can begin and deeper soul connections will form.

Who have you met in your life that offers you a mirror to yourself and your own healing?

Love to hear your thoughts on the Journey.


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