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A new way to think about walk-ins

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A new way to think about walk-ins



What is a walk-in?

In case you don’t know what a walk-in is – other than that chance to line up for a haircut on Saturdays – a walk-in is a spiritual concept.  People who experience walk-ins say that they feel as if another soul has literally walked into their body, hence the name.

Often people are conscious of walk-ins, sometimes they are not aware of walk-ins even being there.  If you had a walk-in from birth, for example, how would you know?

How to know if we are experiencing a walk-in?

When I give a Soul Star Reading, clients can discover if they are mono-souled (one soul, one body, for this lifetime, or at least for now)…or if they are soul shifting, experiencing more than one soul in the body.

Most clients recognize this about themselves even as I begin to introduce the subject during a reading, somehow the concept just makes sense to them.

Clients report that they have always felt that there is more than one person present somehow.  Or perhaps they express personality aspects which feel very separate from their essential nature.  Sometimes clients can even pinpoint when the walk-in happened if it occurred during their lifetime.

What about past life walk-ins?

Some clients experience more than one soul present because of past life agreements.  Technically, this isn’t a walk-in, since the souls found a way to body share before this life started.

Sometimes, they pushed their way in or something happened in a previous life which meant that, in this lifetime, these two souls have something more to work out.

During Soul Star readings, some soul aspects (such as walk-ins) may be cleared from the client if it is appropriate to do so.  This is down to the clients’ Akashic Guides to inform the Reader and client.

The effect of organ transplants on our soul – unintentional walk-in?

A few years ago I was at a talk about acupuncture at Wesley Hospital in Wichita, Kansas.  The speaker was sharing new information about 5 element acupuncture and the role of chi and meridians in modern health.

It was great to see this talk at a medical facility and see the openness of doctors and nurses who were ready to learn more about the ancient art of acupuncture.

One doctor raised the question of kidney transplants and said that he had experienced working with patients who discovered they were having memories that were 'not their own' after the transplant procedure.Click To Tweet

In 5 element acupuncture, there is a belief that the life force or chi resides strongly in the kidneys.  The lecturer mentioned this and said it was a common phenomenon for people to experience others’ memories, or ‘chi’, after an organ transplant.

Depending on how the organ was transplanted, I would take it a step further and suggest that perhaps a piece of the person’s soul may have been transferred from the donor’s soul to the recipient’s soul.

The soul is energetic in nature and made of fragments or pieces, so this is always a possibility.

If someone is reading this and concerned, a Soul Star Reading can help research the issue and see if any clearing work needs to be done.

A current life walk-in experience by Carolyn Jaymes

I recently read A Life By Request: A walk-in soul’s journey from earth to heaven, and back again. A true story of love, life, and the other side. by Carolyn James.

In this book, Carolyn documents a walk-in situation experienced by her husband, Tom, who in spirit agrees to an unprecedented situation.

Carolyn’s first love, who died early in his life, asks to swap souls with Tom, Carolyn’s present husband.

Carolyn and Tom were in an unhappy marriage, and Tom was struggling to be here in life.  This book documents what happened, and shows the power of love operating even at the soul level.

It’s a fascinating concept and not one that I had heard about before.  The book is well written and also helps describe and clarify some of the spiritual concepts.  I recommend it, very thought-provoking.

What to do if you believe you are experiencing a walk-in

First of all, no need to panic!  There is almost always a good reason for a walk-in situation and on some level, there has been soul agreement.

It may be that you simply need to meditate and pray on the situation to find answers from within your own intuition.  Some people find that being connected to other souls increases their skills, talents, and resources in some way.

If you feel that the other soul needs to return or be cleared, then a Soul Star Reading may be helpful.

I’d love to hear about any stories you may have regarding a walk-in.

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