Spiritual Medium Walking in Charleston

Spiritual Mediums are born and not ‘made’ in my opinion

I’ve always been a Spiritual Medium….but wasn’t fully aware of how this can affect a person until a year or so ago on my Spiritual Journey.

Bedside experiences with my mum as a Spiritual Medium

When my mum passed in 2010 I had some bedside experiences which really bought spirit activity to present mind.  Through both her and myself, other family members of hers who have already passed dropped by to offer comfort and support.  It was validation for me on so many levels.

Imprints and disembodied spirits

I have often noticed things about houses and places and sometimes received messages which in the past I had mainly just experienced and dropped – having no frame of reference for them – or else tried to ignore them altogether!

Spirit222 – Spiritual Medium Group

During the last two years I have been part of a spiritual medium group and received training which has helped enormously.  Now I’m more comfortable with my experiences and can make more sense of them – giving me peace.

An active location for a spiritual medium

So on vacation in Charleston SC my family and I headed downtown to visit the Aquarium.  It was raining a lot so we chose an indoor day out.  (It’s a great place by the way, I highly recommend it).

From Nemo to parasols

Walking to and from the Aquarium was a fascinating experience for me.  I need to walk in downtown Charleston some more!  As soon as we got out the car I sensed that the place was ‘busy’ psychically speaking.

If I tuned in…there seemed to be many imprints and disembodied spirits walking around.  Women in fancy dresses with parasols, carriages rumbling through mud and I even heard the crack of a whip.

A day in the life when Spiritual Mediums go on travel!

spiritual mediumA member of my family is getting this book for Christmas…it’s a great way to learn more about the history of Charleston through the history of the Grimkes, the first female abolitionists who came from a judge’s family in Charleston.

Keep growing on the Journey.

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