Why work with Past Lives?

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

Why work with Past Lives?

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Past Lives – why work with them?

I first came into contact with the idea of Past Lives during a workshop with a wonderful practitioner called Denise Linn.

I spent a day learning how past lives have affected my present life and some of the choices I have made.  It was emotional, energetic, and eye-opening.  I’ve never regretted doing that workshop or knowing the insights that it gave me.

Past Lives within the Akashic Records

As an Akashic Records Reader I often have people ask for readings because they are intrigued or curious about past lives…then I have those clients who have an issue which they are quite sure relates to past lives or a past life event.  They are so sure of this, they know it in their bones.

So why work with Past Lives anyway?

How to move towards understanding our Past Lives better

What if you could learn more about yourself in a past life in order to understand your own actions and reactions better in this lifeComing for a reading with this attitude is one of the keys to helping you benefit from working with Past Lives.

We are often told on the Spiritual Journey that other people are our ‘Mirror’.  For example, we can see ourselves in our children and we can learn about our best (and worst!) qualities because they mirror us, they show us ourselves in their image.  And oh boy, do they!

What if we could become our own Mirror?

Using our past lives as a mirror we can potentially understand

  • why we have specific likes and dislikes
  • when a person, situation, or circumstance annoys us so – is it karmic?
  • what karma we may have created for ourselves and how karma creates blocks and restrictions
  • how we have arrived in this place through many journeys and how discovering that journey can create a new awareness
  • more about our hidden talents and abilities.

So there are many reasons to explore our Past Lives

It’s an interesting path to take.  Sometimes people can ‘feel’ a past life when they have an Akashic Records Reading.

Many people joke in daily life

“Oh, you must have been _______________ in a past life!”


We can learn a lot by looking in the mirror.


Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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