I am deserving and I am sure of that fact – an aspect of manifestation and the Law of Attraction

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I am deserving and I am sure of that fact – an aspect of manifestation and the Law of Attraction

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I am deserving – a useful affirmation

This weekend I made sure I watched OWNtv’s screening of Iyanla Vanzant’s house being fixed – fromm #FixMyLife to FixMyHouse!

If you have read any of Iyanla Vanzant’s books or followed her coaching work, then you will know that she is a well-qualified life coach. Imagine a thing, situation or circumstance…and it has probably already happened to Iyanla!

After much gaining and losing of people, family and things – Iyanla found herself with a new house, some vision books but not (yet) the wherewithal to decorate said house.

Enter the energy of being deserving, and being sure of that fact

How many of us can say we are truly deserving of something and feel it right down to the bone? No quibbling or quivering involved?

Iyanla is there now…and I believe that the transformation of her house was brought about by a bone-deep belief that she was ready, deserving and sure of the fact.

My dog is deserving and ready every morning – are you? Am I?

Talking of being deserving and sure of the fact…brings me to my rescue dachshund Pickle.

Every morning without fail, when she sees we are up and about she hops out of bed and focuses her eyes upon me intently. This is because she is ready and deserving of breakfast…and is sure of it.  So sure in fact, that even as a very small dog (17lbs) she will persistently face down a human being with strong eye contact in order to manifest her breakfast.

How many of us can demonstrate that much determination first thing in the morning?

Back to Iyanla Fix My House…

Towards the end of the show, after the tour and most of the program (and I just LOVE the door to Iyanla’s prayer room – I need to find a way to be fully deserving of something similar)…Iyanla made it very clear through action, behavior and language that she is very grateful, yet also deserving.

I find that fascinating and feel convinced that being completely sure we are deserving of something helps us towards our goals.

So perhaps we can consider the affirmations

I am deserving of all that I desire to receive




I am deserving in this moment and receive ____________ now


or even

Even though I hurt I am still deserving.


What have you been able to manifest because you are completely deserving and sure of the fact?

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