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Spiritually Minded Gifts – A selection of spiritual books | A Guide for Shoppers

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Spiritually Minded Gifts – A selection of spiritual books | A Guide for Shoppers

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Spiritually Minded Gifts – a guide for Shoppers

Spiritually Minded Gifts

Does your friend like Angel Work, Crystals or something else?

What gifts to buy for the Spiritually Minded amongst your friends?

If you’re not overtly on the spiritual path but have noticed friends who are, you may not realize there’s a burgeoning industry growing around supporting us all on the spiritual journey.

There are many ways that people express their individuality on the spiritual path – if you’re anything like me it’s because you’re drawn to study many different ways of connecting with the Universal Consciousness or Divine and you attend many workshops, read many books and then go with what resonates for you.

If you’re wondering what ‘Spiritual Work’ or the Spiritual Journey is – and why somebody might even embark on this path – here’s a link to a short article on my Personal Energy Practice site for more information.

Spiritually Minded Reads for those with a Spiritual Book Habit!

Spiritually minded giftsYou can’t go too far wrong with a spiritual book as a spiritually minded gift!

I have a self-confessed SBH (Spiritual Book Habit) and have several shelves of books, plus more boxes in my basement.

Starting to buy them and read them on my PC and iPhone but often people who want a spiritual book need to write in it, mark it, keep it on their bedside table and then lend it to a friend.  Difficult to do with an e-book!

Here are some book selections which are excellent spiritually minded gifts that I recommend.  These are books that I’ve recently reviewed, and also a short list of personal favorites that I’ve read but haven’t had the opportunity to review yet.  You can click on the links to see a fuller review for a specific book.

Psychic Intelligence by Linda and Terry Jamison, the psychic twins An excellent introduction to the development of the psychic gift with lots of practical tools, exercises and everyday applications.

Be Your Own Shaman Heal Yourself and Others With 21st Century Energy Medicine by Deborah King Great book for those who are interested in energy, what we observe and how we feel it in our bodies.  A modern take on the practice of Shamanism.

Infinite Quest – Develop Your Psychic Intuition by John Edward – John Edward is a psychic medium who has been practicing for over 25 years now and travels the world to give readings.  He’s a New-Yorker, has a down-to-earth and straight up style and has some great perspectives on the nature of energy.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L Hay A classic and great for those finding themselves on a healing journey where looking at their habitual thoughts and language will help the healing.

Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves – Ditch Your Inner Critic and Walk Up Your Inner Superstar by Amy Ahlers   A very new and gutsy book about our negative self-talk and internal dialogue (what we say to ourselves).  Very practical ‘in your face’ workbook.  Great girlfriend gift!  Buy one each, work through it together!

Walking Through Illusion – An Emotional Biography by Betsy Otter Thompson An interesting read from the perspective of interviews with Jesus on many different spiritual subjects.

A short list of Spiritually Minded books that I consider must reads at some point on the spiritual journey

Will get to more book reviews, but in the mean time I can recommend the following spiritually minded gifts…next post, how to choose a crystal for  yourself or someone else!

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  1. Joe Anderson says:

    I definitely fall into that category of those with spiritual friends who aren’t themselves. Thanks for the book ideas! Sister dearest may be getting one for Christmas.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Joe – glad the review was useful! Enjoy the festive season. Sarah

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