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A mediums guide to Creating Heaven On Earth – Karen Noe

Karen Noe’s first book – Through the Eyes of Another – A Medium’s Guide to Creating Heaven on Earth – published by Hay House leads us to consider the concept of having our life review before we leave, pass on or transition.

More complex than seeing your life flash before your eyes, a life review can be an opportunity to learn from your life lessons and discover why certain people or situations were in your life in the first place. 

It can manifest as a movie that you watch, or as a series of meetings with people in your life who discuss their reasons for being with you this time around.

Sarah Lawrence
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Developing your Intuition – Clairaudience, or ‘Clear Hearing’ | The inner voice and some ways to hear it

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy book gives us an interesting and unusual insight on the intuition gift of clairaudience, one of the less common clairs. Check out this post to see if you are clairaudient (clear-hearing).

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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