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Healing is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, not one solution fits all

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Healing is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, not one solution fits all


Sigh.  We’ve found some new things for us humans to fight about

Made some advances this week in organizing new happenings so that people in contact with this blog can learn more about alternative remedies to help themselves and their families stay well.  Whilst working through all this, bumped up against some websites that are organizing ‘hate campaigns’ against homeopathy.  I’m not posting their links here.  One ‘millionaire’ has even set up a ‘competition’ to either prove or disprove homeopathy (and other types of energy work) for a million dollars.  Bear in mind said person is not a scientist though, which would at least help.  Double sigh.  Are people really fighting about which healing modality actually ‘works’?  It appears so.

The new fight – let’s fight about healing modalities and in the process block lots of people from having access to more of them

Wand of Hermes Now I have said so far on this blog that modern (or allopathic) medicine is a wonderful thing, and that the scientific method has brought us amazing advances in healthcare.  However I do believe that ‘alternative’ or complementary medicine should be given a fighting chance in the USA instead of being blocked by naysayers, professional skeptics and those with, well let’s just say, a vested interest in a different outcome.

Medicinal tools both ancient and modern will serve us and our children well in the future.

I find that not enough people know anything about homeopathy, oils, flower essences or energy work when I discuss my interests in social situations, and yet many of the same people complain about their high insurance co-pays, the number of drugs prescribed, side-effects of drugs and how worried many of them are about the over-use of antibiotics.  Even my own doctor asked for my reflexology card, since she said she spends a lot of time prescribing drugs which don’t actually solve the problems that many of her patients have.

Has somebody put the filters on us?

When I work with new clients, what I realize is that they have heard very little from the mainstreamShift the filters media about applied alternative remedies at the first-aid level, let alone how reflexology may help someone boost their immune system whilst going through cancer treatment, or how flower essences or oils can ease stress when going through a tough life transition.

It’s time we started asking ourselves why this is, and how we can change it.  Wouldn’t you rather be in charge of your own healthcare choices from a selection of tried and tested and new and revolutionary options, rather than have somebody else setting the goalposts on your future health and wellbeing?

I offer my new homeopathy label…preferring to set my own wider goalposts

In the UK recently some legislation has been reviewed in order to suggest changes in the labeling of homeopathic medicines.  Here I humbly submit my version of the label.  If you wish you can also use this as an alternative source of positive energy whenever you see those disclaimers come up on TV related to drug ads and their side-effects.  Hopefully it will make you feel a whole lot better than listening to the original soundtracks!

WARNING: Homeopathic remedies contain minute amounts of substances which will NOT harm you in any way.  Not all scientific research proves this, but some research does.

If you are NOT open to emotional release, energetic shifts of any form, release of stuck energy and toxins from the body – DO NOT take this medicine unless you’re ready because significant life shifts will take place.  You may have to change your attitudes and lifestyle immediately.

Also stay away from this medicine if you disbelieve the concept that naturally extracted substances from our own planet are here to heal you.

Side effects will include – subtle shifts which will make you think that ‘it’ got all better ‘by itself’, disbelief from others as you finally find a way to clear something that’s been bothering you for years, and an awakening to the fact that clearing long held emotional issues using vibrational medicine really is good for your health.

Be prepared for symptoms of EGBO (Extreme Generalizations By Others) who have not yet experienced a healing with homeopathy or have never tried it.  They may do their best to talk you out of your experience and insist that your healing is not your healing, because it’s either scientifically impossible, or it didn’t work for them.  They may Generalize their experience and insist that it couldn’t have possibly worked for you.

 I want to know more about alternative remedies and change things for my children and their futures…what can I do?

Here’s 3 easy ways to start.

  1. Google more (new verb).  Become an informed consumer about your issues, your children’s issues, and courses of treatment available to you. 
  2. Try one simple first-aid type remedy from this website and if it works, share it with two friends, either face to face or on social media.  So, here’s three of the easiest ones – try Arnica Gel for bruises and bumps (but not on broken skin), massage the tips of all of your fingers if you have blocked sinuses or a sinus infection, and buy a koosh or hedge ball to play with in the office when you need an energy boost – throw it from hand to hand.  You’ll either feel silly or better, and both outcomes have no long lasting side effects.

  3.  If you get some good results and at this point want to learn more, find a meetup in your area ( or find local resources through your health store, yoga center or health club, or friends that have had good experiences for themselves either independently or through a local alternative health practitioner.

Healing is a multidimensional phenomenon and is defined by the experience of the individual

Whether you are visiting your doctor, homeopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, energy worker, osteopath,  surgeon, podiatrist, allergist, EFT practitioner, massage therapist or reflexologist (or any other of the myriad treatments or therapies we are lucky enough to experience and that I omitted to mention), please be open to the fact that one therapy or line of treatment may not work for everybody (although some do if we’re lucky), and it may take time for you to clear an issue if one line of treatment does not work initially.

We have already progressed in modern medicine to the point where we understand that somebody with high blood pressure and heart problems may well need to change their lifestyle after surgery if they are to have a better chance of recovery.

The surgery itself cannot be defined as the entirety of that person’s ‘healing’, the person must work to improve other dimensions of their life, such as exercise and diet, in order to live a longer and healthier life.

Western medicine is also beginning to understand that the stress of modern life can be managed by taking up regular exercise, yoga practice, meditation and positive mindful practices, rather than purely relying on pharmaceutical drug use, and in some cases can remove reliance on drugs altogether.

Long recognized by Eastern cultures, subtle energy fields are only recently being detected, studied, and utilized by Western medicine.   The science I learnt in the classroom 30 or so years ago is not the science of today, and neither is the medicine.

Rather than choosing to deride some medicines that may not have full ‘scientific’ proof as yet, I suggest a more balanced view.  In the case of homeopathy, my personal experience is that of deep physical and emotional healings which I cannot attribute to the ‘placebo’ effect.  In light of this, I’m choosing to shift my filters and keep the goalposts open.  I’m much happier and healthier as a result.

Sarah Lawrence Hinson

4 Responses

  1. Sabrina Veley says:

    Well said, Sarah! I find it unfortunate that so many of our health decisions are based on “what insurance will cover.” If insurance was really in place to help us (and not “in bed” with big pharma)…in whatever modality WE feel helps US best…just think of the people who would be more open to learning more about themselves, take more responsibility for their own health and in the meanwhile, as you say, release things and have some shifts in their lifestyle and attitudes. And, hey, about the guy offering…what’d you say, 1 Mil???…I say lets get connected with him, seriously! I’m sure we could put that money to some very good uses!

    • Thanks for the comment Sabrina! I agree, it is unfortunate and limiting to health and wellness the way the current insurance system is set up in the US. If that 1 mil guy was on the level, I’d say connect with him, but unfortunately my impression from what I’ve read and seen on Youtube, his thinking is skewed and I have a gut feel that ‘the thinker thinks what the prover proves’…. in his case, his beliefs are firmly set. By the way, I changed one word in your comment to ‘connected’. You wouldn’t believe how much unwanted spam I’ll get just from the innocent use of the other word you wrote, think I kept the meaning the same though.

      Cheers and thanks for reading!

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