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Homeopathy key point – the symptom is the cure in progress

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Homeopathy key point – the symptom is the cure in progress


Introducing a long time friend and colleague, Nicola Smith, discussing the homeopathy key point – the symptom is the cure in progress

Following my post yesterday, Healing is a Multi-dimensional phenomenon, Not One Solution Fits All  Nicola sent me this comment on Facebook and asked me to add the information to my blog.  I thought this comment deserved a separate posting!

Nicola and I have known each other for over 15 years, co-directed a business together, Oddball Training Ltd, which Nicola stills run in the UK to this day.  Nicola also introduced me to her homeopath and has studied and applied homeopathy in her life.

Nicola’s son,  Auditory Neuropathy UK, and treatment

homeopathyWhen Nicola’s son was born, he contracted a lung infection which was treated with antibiotics.  The antibiotics did save his life, unfortunately though as a side-effect they damaged his 8th cranial nerve.  When this nerve is damaged it either doesn’t take the sound from the ear to the brain, or the sound may be desynchronized.  Nicola created her own treatment plan, of which homeopathy was a part.  You can read more about the treatment plan and discussions on the subject of auditory neuropathy on Nicola’s Facebook Page.

Nicola says….

“Hi Sarah

I’d like to add something to your blog about homeopathy. Another way of explaining why it makes sense; my starting point is to begin at a level where the H camp and the A (allopathy) camp agree…

Allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine do both agree on one thing at least *when you are ill and your body produces a symptom or symptoms, this is a good sign, it shows that YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS WORKING *.

Remember also that the symptom is not the disease, the disease is imperceptible, it spreads itself from human to human precisely because of this, disease is not stupid!

So what next? Well this is where A and H do not agree on what to do next.

Allopathy prescribes a pharmaceutical drug to suppress the symptoms, thus the patient thinks they are better, but not necessarily so; this is an illogical thing to do bearing in mind that symptoms show your immune system is working, so why stop the symptoms?

Homeopathy, on the other hand, will give you a remedy which helps your body to accelerate the process of expressing symptoms, thus quickening the healing time. Your body is allowed to heal itself.

It’s vital to remember – THE SYMPTOM IS THE CURE IN PROGRESS.

Do you trust that you will heal?  IF YOU CUT YOUR FINGER do you say to yourself “oh I better go and get some drugs and surgery on that”, or do you just assume it will heal up.

We all assume our body knows what to do and how to do it and it does; our immune system is far more sophisticated and intelligent than a human mind can ever be, it’s important to remember this too.

I have transcribed over 100 interviews between doctors from all over the world in various specializations of medicine, and the pharmaceutical companies who sell them their drugs – these companies want to know how effective the drugs are.

The common denominator of those interviews is the doctor saying “yes but, these drugs just treat the symptoms, they don’t deal with the cause of the problem”.

Allopathic medicine saved my son’s life, make no mistake, I value it. As far as prophylactic interventions go though it’s no solution.

Homeopathy and other working-with-you interventions (and you need to find the one to suit you) are a far better option for sustained health, for being in control of yourself, and no side-effects.”

Being unwell is often something to be thankful for – homeopathy can help you work through uncomfortable symptoms more quickly too

As odd a concept as this may sound, Nicola taught me to be thankful when I was unwell.  It was a sign that a disease was in my body and that I was ready to clear it.

Initially I used to get angry when she told me this, because I wanted to be well, not sick, and who was she to ask me to be thankful??!!

Over time though, and with her help, I began to experience the process of illness at a deeper level.

If we constantly block symptoms with symptom relievers, the symptoms go deeper.  After a period of time when they have gone deeper, the disease manifests in the body as something chronic.  Block the symptoms further, and serious illness could result.

Listening to our body’s inner wisdom

The body’s inner wisdom and our deepest emotions is a compass of direction in our lives.  If we feel well, full of energy and moving forward, then we are most likely on track with a good direction in our lives.

If we constantly come up against illness with no environmental or genetic factors involved then the illness is there to tell us something…that is, that something in us needs to change.

The more I’ve changed my life when listening to the inner voice, the more empowered and well I become.  It’s tough to shift from a life attitude where you are treating/relieving symptoms to place where you can experience them fully and let them go, it’s a lot more work in the short term than just finding relief.

The benefits however, can be a greater and fuller experience of living.

Thanks Nicola for the great comments and inspiration!

Sarah Lawrence Hinson

3 Responses

  1. Rod Ohlsson says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog. As a Homoeopath of 30+ years it is impossible to work with patients every day without quickly asking some serious questions about the human condition as the ultimate source of susceptibility. The journey to the origin of the conditioned self or the ‘I’ is probably the most worthwhile thing we can undertake as individuals. My own website and blog deals with these two subjects, homoeopathic medicine and findyourself.
    Keep going the journey is the goal!

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  3. I enjoyed and am happy. Ive been so confused cause i have auditory neuropathy. ive been scared for myself for 15 years cause i thought it would cause me to become full deaf.. but i want to say thanks you for this blog

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