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Highly Intuitive People by Heidi Sawyer | Book review by Sarah at Mom On a Spiritual Journey

Highly Intuitive People – Book Review

Following on from the work of Elaine Aron PhD with The Highly Sensitive Person or HSP, long time practicing intuitive person Heidi Sawyer leads us on a further journey of self-discovery.

In her book Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People published by Hay House, she helps us to understand our essential nature at a very deep level.

Heidi leads us through her personal stories of ‘being too sensitive’ and helps us to understand intuitive-sensitivity and right-brained thinking.  She writes about Opening Signs (those happenings that are designed to introduce us to our own sensitivity and right-brained gifts), she includes relevant stories from clients and pertinent examples from her own practice and experience.

Not only that, but also, Heidi leads us through a process and exercises where we can learn to comfortably assimilate our differences, learn to manage ours minds and become aware of the concept of the Super-Intuitive State.

Highly Intuitive People – the Opening Signs

There are many more opening signs listed than this in Highly Intuitive People…I will list 5 that resonate for me to get you started!

  • In childhood you knew – but didn’t know how you knew – about the secret parts of other’s lives.
  • You know when someone is emotionally upset, even if their outer appearance is happy.
  • You find that strangers tell you their life history.
  • You’re not very good at small talk – you prefer deep conversation.
  • You’re sensitive to medications/have unusual sensitivities.

There are 28 Opening Signs listed in the book – these are just a few of them!

How to manage the mind – exercises for Highly Intuitive People

If you are anything like me, then you may be aware that your mind is often working on overtime – not necessarily because you want it to…but because other energies from other people often stimulate it to do so!

Heidi offers us an understanding of the monkey mind that is interpreted specifically for Highly Intuitive People and step by step approaches to understanding mind management – helping to keep us stable in a relatively unstable energetic world.

When going through post-natal depression, Heidi states

I had at the time huge amounts of exposure to meditation, inner development and intuitive experience.  None of these stopped the process from happening; they did, though, make it easier for me to understand it.


As the wave (of post-natal depression) descended I could recognize what it was immediately, and I chose in that moment to observe the experience rather than absorb it.  How could I do this?  I had begun the active process of mind management: an active, honest inner communication.

The Personality-Soul Connection and Super-Intuitive State

Heidi goes on to discuss the Personality-Soul connection and activation of the Causal Body – fascinating areas of exploration which I intend to work upon further for myself.

She also discusses a two-level or two-stage process of intuitive opening or movement from an intuitive state into the Super-Intuitive State.  Many on the Spiritual Journey will recognize these places in themselves I believe.

In short…if you are on the Journey…this one needs to be on your bookshelf!  Heidi Sawyer’s Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right-Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People.

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