Jersey Yogi by Jim Starr – book review by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Jersey Yogi by Jim Starr – book review by Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Jersey Yogi by Jim Starr – from the Jersey Shore to the Ganges River

When I was approached to review this book and visited Jim’s site…I had a great feeling about reading this book partly because Jim’s writings made me laugh!  Definitely a good start.

An uptight man gets loosened up by Spirit

In his book Jersey Yogi: The Unintentional Enlightenment of an Uptight Man Jim writes about his Journey from ‘an uptight man’ (New Jersey computer programmer, focused athlete who loved to win) to a yogi following the Siddha yoga path with guru….

West to East with Jersey Yogi

Jim’s book is entertaining and a fun read – yet also heartwarming, heart opening and informative regards the Siddha yoga path. It helps clarify for me some reasons to choose to follow a guru – as (as did Michael Fischbaum’s book Stumbling Into Infinity).

Jim paints a lively picture of his life as a computer programmer and competitive handball player, enjoying beers, good food and a busy life with his wife and friends.

An injury changes the paradigm

Like many people on the spiritual path, one day Jim found himself facing something he did not want to accept. During a handball game, he badly injured his back and found himself unable to continue playing. Up until that point an extremely competitive player…he tried to continue but was ultimately in too much pain to do so.

After some time, doctor’s visits and pain pills he realized that the pain would not go away and he faced the prospect of back surgery.

Rolfing and colors

Through synchronicity he finds himself accepting a Rolfing session to help with the back pain and afterward is “walking on air”.

During the session, he saw colors almost continually and had a deeply spiritual experience…with the high from the experience lasting quite a while afterward.

Now the Jersey Yogi starts his Journey in earnest as he connects deeply with an Indian Guru, becomes part of Ashram life and shifts his vibration as he gives up drinking alcohol and eating meat.

I learned a lot from Jersey Yogi

The descriptions of Ashram life help us to understand the nature of the Ashram journey…why people would even go to an Ashram for example — and how the practice of creating kundalini energy is incorporated into daily spiritual practice.

I particularly enjoyed the description of kriyas (energy blocks or restrictions being released from the body) – since as an energy worker I’ve often experienced some odd energetic phenomena and kriyas can certainly help explain some of this.

This book takes us on a journey from the West to the East…and back again as Jim finds ways to incorporate his yogic experiences from as far away as the Himalayas and the Ganges River back into New Jersey life.

Entertaining, enlightening and different – New Jersey Yogi – a highly recommended read

This was a fast read as well as an entertaining and uplifting experience.  I was done with the Jersey Yogi in two days and left wanting more!

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