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Psychic Intelligence Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Psychic Intelligence Book Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

psychic intelligence

Psychic Intelligence – Tune In and Discover the Power of Your Intuition with psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison

Psychic Intelligencepsychic intelligence
I recently picked up Psychic Intelligence in the new book section of the library.  I hadn’t heard of the psychic twins before (Terry and Linda Jamison) – as both a Gemini and a person developing my own  psychic intelligence or ‘PSi’ I was intrigued.

I see that they have worked alongside Sylvia Browne in the past, I have many of her books and have enjoyed her contribution to this field, so I picked up the book. 

Psychic Intelligence – an approachable start to Intuitive Development and the Growth of Your Psychic Intelligence

Psychic Intelligence is a good book for the ‘newbie’ who is developing their intuition, as well as the more experienced person on a spiritual journey.

The twins actually write from the ‘twin person’ perspective, kind of like the third person but speaking about themselves as ‘we’, ‘Linda’ or ‘Terry’.  This takes a little getting used to but after reading their story you begin to understand the unique nature of their lives and their talents and it becomes more natural.

 The writing style is light and easy but there is also some depth to the material.

If you’re new to a lot of this work, then there are very practical introductions to the nature of psychic intelligence, how it works, some of the main tools for tuning into the power of your intution and demonstrating practical applications of the skills you can develop.

Good practical exercises to develop your Psychic Intelligence

Psychic Intelligence

Developing your intuition on the spiritual journey with psychic intelligence
Listening to the inner voice, or inner wisdom helps develop psychic intelligence

There are practical exercises in each chapter relating to to the new tool or skill being learned or discussed, ranging from questionnaires, lists of useful questions, journaling exercises, through meditations and psychic protection tools.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important psychic protection tools are when learning to work with your psychic intelligence…as the well-known medium John Edward says in his book Infinite Quest – you wouldn’t have sexual relations with a person you don’t know well without protection (or hopefully not) so why would you interact psychically with someone without the same protection?

Puts the concept of working psychically with people in a whole different frame…

The exercises are confidence building and I also like Terry and Linda’s comments regards the fact that some people’s psychic intelligence is stronger in one area than another.

I’ve experienced this on my journey – I have many psychic strengths such as body energy reading, mediumship skills, remote viewing and psychometry (reading energy from objects), but have me guess playing cards or symbols that are hidden from view and I mess up every time!

Still something new to learn when developing your psychic intelligence – even for the experienced on the spiritual journey

I particularly like one of the meditations to work on a future potential or idea – they write about a very simple way to make the energy of a new idea less ‘mental’ and more ‘physical’ simply by moving the energy of the idea or what you are focusing upon down into the solar plexus and sacral area rather than keeping it ‘in your head’.

A very simple and effective way to activate the other energy bodies.  I’ve used it already!

I’m also impressed with Chapter 18Use Psychic Intelligence to Find Love and Marriage.  For many of us who have been on the spiritual journey for a while, part of the journey has been to learn more about relationships and understand that what we are really receiving from somebody when we first meet them is really who they are, and to believe it (to paraphrase Maya Angelou).

The twins call this Trusting Your Dating Vibes.

This is something that I think many a young and woman and man will benefit from, let alone the ‘older (and hopefully) wiser’ dating community.

I know many people go to psychic practitioners to ask about their love lives.  I think many more people would benefit from learning how to contact their own inner guidance on this journey and consciously use their psychic intelligence to experience more bliss, self-awareness and less pain as a result.

So in summary, who would benefit from buying Psychic Intelligence?

As I said previously, this is a great introduction to many different subject areas and new tools in the complex realm of developing your psychic intelligence.

Anyone new to this area would benefit from the information in this book.

It’s worth a look even if you’ve been on the spiritual journey for a while.  However, don’t expect an in-depth review of any of the subject areas.  If you’re moved to go further in one subject, then for a more satisfying read, go for a more specialist and in-depth book.

Great vehicle for this subject matter though!  Thanks Linda and Terry, I know this book will help a lot of people.




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