British food vs American Food – lack of GMOs?

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British food vs American Food – lack of GMOs?


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A recent visit to the UK – and no reactions – is it the lack of GMOs?

During June and July I had the good fortune to make a long-awaited visit to my home country, the United Kingdom, aka Britain and aka England, since I am from the South and English!

It was a wonderful visit – I was able to catch up with many old friends, my two children saw many sights that living in Kansas they would never otherwise see – and of course, I got to eat some of my favorite British dishes.  Not to mention the chocolate!

Within a month of us getting back – I had an allergic reaction to food/drink and so did my youngest child… GMOS?

My youngest child has many allergies and is a Highly Sensitive Person.  In fact, this summer break we traveled to another town so that he could get a pediatric specialist to give us her opinion.

Now with the results of the backtest, we know that my youngest child is allergic to every American tree (even those that pollinate in November/December such as the Red Cedar) and every American Weed.  Yes, really.

We also know from the blood tests that he has extreme reactions to sesame seeds, as well as some tree nuts (which we already knew) plus soy!  Discovering how much soy is in every US food as a cheap filler is definitely material for another blog post.

No reactions in the UK – none…is it the lack of GMOs?

While in the UK as I said earlier, we traveled with the EpiPen and Benadryl, plus allergy meds as a matter of course.  Any allergic reactions?  Not one.

All the allergens on UK food labels are listed in BOLD.  Isn’t that a good idea?  Plus if I asked about allergens in food, in all the restaurants we went to the manager of each restaurant bought us out a booklet listing the contents of each dish so that we could be sure.  An even greater idea?

America, please take note.

And finally, back in the USA – two reactions in one month

First, it was me!  Now I have to admit I didn’t eat the most healthy selections in the UK, like I say, including chocolate and of course, fish and chips.  And we were on the road a lot, eating in various restaurants and snack bars.  But no reactions, not a one from myself or my youngest.

I got myself a decaf iced vanilla cafe latte at Starbucks the first week we were back in the 100deg heat and I got an allergic reaction.  Not just one, but two, breathing difficulties and an upset stomach.  Hmmnnn…needless to say, I will never be drinking one of those again.

I gave my youngest a mac ‘n cheese from a relatively healthy line (not Amy’s) and immediately she rushed to the bathroom.

My theory – GMOs

It’s just a theory of course and not scientific.  But there are far fewer GMOs in UK foods because they are LABELED and therefore people don’t buy them.  Perhaps one day we’ll experience the same freedom in this country.



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  1. Wow, dramatic results. I bet your theory is right on. So so sadly!

  2. Tracey Fritz says:

    Interesting. I haven’t had the opportunity to be putside the US and experience non-GMO foods. EWG has let me know about the DARK act that has passed the House and hopefully will not pass the Senate: it’s language says states will not make labeling GMO’s mandatory, but food companies can voluntarily label through USDA. The public WANTS GMO labeling, to make our own choices. Scientists are saying GMOs are safe.
    Anyway, I think I have reactions, but not the kind I can notice. I think all of mine are in antibodies, so I have two autoimmune conditions, and no easy way to tell if gluten and dairy are causing reactions in my immune system. I wonder if non-GMO food would also help my situation?

    • I believe it would be worth a try, Tracey. There are apps out there to help us shop GMO-free. More and more food suppliers are labeling non-GMO in an attempt to cancel out the DARK act!

      I just don’t believe that scientists can truly know that GMOs are safe. It’s like that saying that re-introducing dinosaur DNA into the modern world could be safe under ‘scientific’ circumstances…how can we truly know?

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